Let's just be honest, breakups hurt no matter who initiates the uncoupling. They are extremely tough to go through and you are not alone in your struggles. We've all been there and we'll all get through it, it just takes time.

Here are the five best things to do if you find yourself a member of the Lonely Hearts Club.

1. Cut cold turkey.

You know the saying : out of sight, out of mind. The less reminders of your ex the easier it is to move on.

2. Me-time. 

Give yourself space to focus on your feelings and what you want.

3. Go to the gym.

Work on getting healthy, as well as the extra endorphins, will give you an extra boost.

4. Call your mom. 

Your mom will always be there for you and I'm sure after all the "I told you so's", she would be happy to listen to you.

5. Spend ample time with friends.

This is probably a no-brainer, but have a night out or night in with a couple of good pals always raises the spirits.

6. Ice cream.

This might be contradictory to number three, but ice cream will ALWAYS help.