As finals week continues, we are all surely overwhelmed by our schoolwork, jobs, internships and everything else in between. We’ve been working hard all semester long or at least most of it. The next two weeks may feel as if we are literally dragging our feet through the sand trying to get to the finish line alive. Regardless of whatever major, minor or concentration you have, it’s tough for everyone in different ways. But instead of indulging in self-pity and procrastination, we should all take a step back and realize how much work we’ve really done this past couple of months.

It’s difficult to put a positive spin on these last few weeks of the semester but by doing so it will make the work just a little easier to handle. I’m not the most optimistic person and I am what people call a perfectionist with procrastination tendencies. It makes getting work done hard at times but even looking back at all the work I have accomplished this semester makes the next few weeks look like a breeze.

I’m always thinking about the future: when the next paper will be due, what will be on the next test, what will I be presenting on soon. I get so caught up on what’s going on in the future I forget about the present. Last week I received back work that I had completely forgotten about and it was great feedback. I definitely spread myself too thin in certain situations but I still kick butt at the end of the day. So what are just two more weeks of school? Pretty much nothing compared to the last twelve weeks of night and weekend classes with many other commitments.

Next time you catch yourself dreading to write that ten-page paper or have a long study session to do, remember how great you’ve been doing so far. We’re literally on the homestretch and digging into the last bit of fuel never hurt anyone. Trust me, you won’t regret finishing strong.