A Step Back In Time: Amanda Bynes

A Step Back In Time: Amanda Bynes

A definitive ranking of Amanda's best sketches.


Remember Amanda Bynes when she was a darling, young comedian on All That! or perhaps better remembered for her role (starring role) on The Amanda Show? Her sketches, no matter how “stupid” your parents thought they were, could get a good laugh out of you. If we’re being honest, there was a time when all of us wanted to be Amanda. I mean, c’mon she got to perform with Drake Bell (HUNK) and the slightly less (although shockingly now more) attractive Josh Peck.

So without further a-do, I present my (subjective) ranking of Amanda Bynes characters on TV shows.

12. Captain Tantrum

11. Cynthia Worthington

10. Melody from Melody & Thad

9. Lucy Ricardo

8. Evil Superdude

7. Jiffy Springs

6. Hillbilly on Hillbilly Moment

5. Crazy Courtney

4. Judge Trudy

3. Amber from The Girls’ Room

2. Moody from Moody’s Point

1. Penelope Taynt (Amanda’s #1 fan, please)

These are my personal favorite top 12. You don’t have to agree, but you must admit the videos brought a smile to your face. And that’s what Amanda was all about. She didn’t need vulgar humor or particularly gross humor to bring in kids. She was a new kind of actress. How many child stars can say they started out on sketch comedy and eventually got their own sketch show?

I’m not the first or the last to say this but, I miss the old Amanda and hope she’s doing well and sees all the joy she was able to bring into people’s lives. People liked her because she wasn’t like your average celebrity. And that’s what the younger generations need now. An Amanda Bynes (pre-crazy).

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