So the stereotypical college spring break is going to the beach with all your friends and partying the whole time, right? While that is great, going home is great too. Just being able to relax and hang out with your parents is the bomb.

Here are some thoughts that I've been having while on spring break at home!

1. Wow, I am so excited to be home!

2. I never wanna go back to college.

3. There's so much room for activities in this house!

4. So many different places I can take naps!

9. I missed my parents.

10. But why does my mom talk on the phone so loud at 8 am?

11. That was my third nap of the day.

12. lol

13. Why am I like this

14. I finally have so much time to do the things I wish I had more time to do at college!

15. *Starts "Parks and Rec" season 3*

16. I think I just broke a record. I finished two seasons of "Parks and Rec" in two days.

17. I forgot how loud my dad is when he watches basketball.

18. I should hang out with my friends in high school...

19. ... They're still in school.

20. Well, I tried.

21. *naps*

22. "Are you sure I don't need to swipe for this mom?"

23. I should go outside and tan.

24. *snowing outside*

25. Well crap.

26. *Starts "Parks and Rec" season 5*

27. Well, it's 9 p.m. I should go to bed, I had a long day.

28. Maybe I'll read a book.

29. Haha

30. *Starts "Parks and Rec" season 6*

31. *Asks Chic-fil-A worker if they take meal swipes*

32. I'm bored.

33. I think I should go back to school.

34. My parents are mad at me for napping on the stairs.

41. ... but it's probably better I go back to school ASAP.

That's the good thing about break: Being at school makes you miss home, and being at home makes you miss school.

Have a lovely week!

Song of the week: "You Will Be Found" - Dear Evan Hansen