Here's How to Stay Sane These Next Four Years
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Here's How to Stay Sane These Next Four Years

Believe in your ability to create change.

Here's How to Stay Sane These Next Four Years
Margaret Geist

After a week in office, Donald Trump has already started to follow through on some of his plans to remove many helpful and beneficial laws and programs. Americans have grown anxious to see what the next four years entail without universal healthcare and a lack of awareness in regards to women's issues and environmental problems. The reality of the situation is incredibly grim. The current president was not chosen by the people- it is as simple as that. However, this fact can be used as a positive. Those against a Trump presidency are in the majority and it is in the majority's best interest to utilize all emotions to the best of our abilities. Instead of counting down the next four years, or giving into anger; here are some ways to keep the hope alive under the Trump Administration.

1. Write

It may fruitless trying to have your voice heard, especially when the phrase "gag rule" is on the table. However, any act of writing can be beneficial to one's mental health and has the possibility to make bigger ripples. Contact your state representatives here and your senators here and praise them on how they handled issues and ask for their help in addressing others. In addition, try and journal your own successes and read about others'. Start a blog or read a friend's. Stay in contact with like-minded people and show your support. The pen is always mightier than the sword.

2. Call Congress

In addition to contacting representatives, contact lawmakers and add your voice to the discussion. The president serves the people, and if you feel as though you aren't being served, you are allowed to say something. (202)225-3121 will connect you to any member and you may set a weekly appointment to discuss whatever issue you choose.

3. Donate

This may not always be the easiest option, but it doesn't just mean money. Volunteer and donate your time, or save a little each week for a worthy cause. Donate to the ACLU, who are requesting Trump turn over his taxes in an act of complete transparency. Support the NRDC in defending science, because climate chance is real, people. Help the Southern Poverty Law Center fight racial injustice or find another organization you find worthy and give what you can.

4. Register to Vote (And Follow Through)

We have been shown clearly the power of one vote now more than ever. If you are of age and are not registered, use that right and make a change. Also, if you're already registered, pay attention to all the elections, not just the presidential one. All your elected officials should serve you, and only you can decide if they will do a good job or not.

5. Show your Support

Donald Trump has expressed incredibly anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim anti-women anti-(insert here) sentiments. A nation governed by a person who condones and uses hate speech can be an incredibly difficult place for many people to live in. Focus on those most specifically targeted by Trump's hateful rhetoric and let them know you care. Refuse to surrender to the hate and bigotry he promotes.

6. Stay educated on news and politics

Support the free press and find real news sources to dedicate your time and money to. Trust that these publications will focus on critiquing Trump every step of the way. In addition, keep up with progressive news. Daily Kos and Talking Points Memo are particularly good sources as well as the NY Times and the Washington Post. In addition, follow your local legislatures to see what they are up to. Use this non-profit, bipartisan website to track legislation.

7. Hold on to humor.

Follow The Onion, use anti-Trump plug-ins or buy anti-Trump merchandise. Keeping your spirit up is an essential way to reject the possible normalcy of this situation. In addition, stay positive. Look to all those who support peace and unity and use that. Here are a few more anti-Trump establishments to consider donating to.

8. Keep it up

Many websites and organizations have plans for continuous support and advice in this post-election time. This includes the Women's March website, and the Wall of US website. In addition, set a weekly appointment or reminder to "Take Action" in whatever way seems fit. Maybe by donating to Planned Parenthood, the Human Rights Campaign, the NAACP, MALDEF, CAIR, RAINN, Sacred Stone or the Trevor Project. There are solutions and there are options. Don't forget; we are the majority.

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