Should you stay in your relationship or let it come to an end?

Should you stay in your relationship or let it come to end?

A question that I am struggling with myself. For the last six years I have been on and off with a guy that has been a huge part of my life since I met him. In the past I was always the one to end it but this time it was different, he was the one to end it; he was saying he wasn't happy. He still talks to me and we still act like we are together. Sometimes though he reinforces the idea that he most likely is not coming back.

One of my close friends said that it seemed like the relationship wasn't good for my on-again-off-again flame. However, big thing about me is that I don't share the details about my relationship unless I'm really upset, for example after a big fight. My lack of speaking about my relationship could be a big reason why my friend does not see the positives.

Back to the question, should you stay or walk away? Here is my opinion, if countless people are telling you your relationship is unhealthy, that might be a sign that it is. If you are being abused, mentally, physically, emotionally, etc. that's a sign you should leave.

I have been spending a lot of time reflecting on my own relationship and whether or not I should stay or walk away. For me walking away would be one of the cruelest things to do, not just to myself but to my (sort of) boyfriend. Even though he and I are "broken up," we still talk everyday, tell one another we love each other (because we do). Neither of us will walk away because as much as either one of us wants to deny it, we aren't done trying to make this work. I think for most relationships that's how it is. Your brain could be completely scrambled and confused but you're always going to go after what you love.

My boyfriend said that he needed time to think and I needed that too. He says he is still hesitant and has this tendency to be indecisive, some days he says he's far happier without having our title and makes it sound like he's only talking to me out of pity. Other days (or sometimes in the same day but an hour or a few hours later) he is calling me the nicknames he'd always call me, telling me how he might get me a valentine's day gift, he even says how he is leaning towards getting back together.

Overall, I don't have a definite answer for the question "Should you stay in your relationship or let it come to an end?" because that would require me to generalize every relationship, healthy, unhealthy, complicated, simple, and every other kind of relationship. I think if you are pondering this question it is important to not only self-reflect but to talk to your partner.

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