How to Stay Positive In The New Year
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How to Stay Positive In The New Year

Life's short, be happy.

How to Stay Positive In The New Year

With a new year comes new adventures and experiences. Although it seems like each year is said to "be the worst year ever," we should drop the negativity. Every new year is the time to start fresh, so why not keep that positive mindset throughout the year? It may be easy to say you'll have a better year than last, but you have to make sure you make an effort to do so. Here are some ideas on how to keep your positivity up during the upcoming new year!

Take a class for fun.

Whether or not you're in school, you may typically think of a class as mundane. If you're still in school, try taking a class simply because you're interested in the material. It doesn't have to be in your major, in fact, it's even better to go outside your studies. Expanding your education, even by one class, can help you learn things you may not have learned before. If you're no longer at school, see what your local college or university offers, or check out online classes. Even YouTube has lectures from various universities that you can watch for free! Who knows? You may find a new interest along the way. If not, you've at least learned something new!

Pick up a new hobby.

Hobbies are what keep the fun alive outside of work or school. Grab a friend and try out that new painting class or go rock climbing. Whatever you do, try something you haven't done before! Even if you find out you're awful at it, you at least tried it and can move on to something else. Sometimes a failed experience makes a great story! Hobbies are also a great way to connect with people in your area and with your interests.

Learn how to cook.

Okay so not everyone can cook like a professional chef, but learning how to make basic meals will not only improve your kitchen skills but save you money too. Personally, I don't like to eat out a lot. Not only do I hate how expensive it adds up to be, but the food and portion size options aren't the healthiest. Unsure about cooking? Cook with a friend or significant other to make it more fun! This way, you don't become overwhelmed with all the steps and ingredients with someone to help you out. Try Epicurious for easier recipes and inspiration!

I know it's cliche... but workout, even a little.

This can be as simple as taking a walk around your neighborhood. Anything to get you moving is beneficial for your body. Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after a workout? Not only can it help relieve stress and all those other negative feelings, but you'll also be more productive and sleep better too! Whether you choose to sign up for an exercise class, take daily walks, or train for a marathon, these changes can easily improve your positivity.

Have daily positivity sent to you.

As an animal lover, I receive daily A Dog A Day emails from Buzzfeed. This simple email of a cute dog and caption each day doesn't send me over the roof in happiness, but I do enjoy it. Whether you subscribe to receive cute animals photos in your inbox or have a daily motivation quote texted to you in the morning, it's good to have a little motivation to remind you to do your best.

Travel, even if it's not far.

Some people hate traveling, and that's fine! However, seeing new places is a great experience everyone should have at least once. Whether you travel to another country for study abroad, fly all over the world, or simply check out a new place in your state, you may discover things you haven't before. Learning about different people, places, and things is a great way to expand your mind, even if it's just a little.

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