How To Be More Optimistic

Optimism is what keeps my head high even when all odds are against me. It is the breath of fresh air that relieves me from the most stressful days. It is the golden light that glimmers among the flowers and in between the leaves that makes me step back for a second and appreciate the beauty of being alive. It is the child-like wonder and curiosity I feel about trying new things. It is the feeling that anything is possible if I set my mind to it.

Optimism is incredible.

1. Remember each day is where you can start a new and forget the previous one

Since we have constant fresh starts, a hard day is not permanent.

2. Spend quality time with people who are also optimistic and full of good energy

They will make you feel good and adopt positive thinking habits, as well.

3. Expand your sympathy and empathy for those in your life who try to hurt you and bring you down

Think from their perspectives more. It will help you antagonize them less which will make you feel less pain from them and instead feel bad for them. Feeling pity for them actually feels much better than being mad at them.

4. Think about who makes you happy and realize how lucky you are to have them in your life

Instead of dwelling on negativity, replace thinking about the things or people that bother you with the people that excite you and make you happy to be alive.

5. Change the way you approach things that are difficult

Instead of shutting down and complaining about how difficult your problems are, view them as puzzles that you can learn how to solve. Try different approaches to solving these puzzles. Realize you have many options, and just because one option does not work out does NOT mean the others won't. Have fun trying to solve the puzzle.

6. Practice self-love and acceptance

Next time you look in the mirror, pick out the features that you are proud of and marvel them. Instead of fixating on that small zit you think everyone is sneering at, focus on those features you love about yourself, like the way your hair shines in the light or the way your eyes radiate. Also, don't beat yourself up for an awkward moment you shared with someone else or a mistake you made. Realize you have so many wonderful traits that outshine these mistakes or embarrassing moments. They are not set-in-stone. They do not define you.

7. Savor the small happy moments you experience

Even if these moments seem small or do not last long, they add up and are a lot more meaningful than you think. Next time you get a compliment that made you happy, savor it. Think about it a lot, during times of stress or just randomly. Next time a stranger goes out of their way to do something small like hold the door for you, or a friend messages you to check up on how you are, think about it afterwards and cherish it. Cherish how kind people can be.

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