Be Hopeful, It’s The Best Thing You Can Do
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Be Hopeful, It’s The Best Thing You Can Do

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” -Aristotle

Be Hopeful, It’s The Best Thing You Can Do
Sven Brandsma

We live in a new world now. With the global outbreak of COVID-19, people from essentially every corner of the globe have had to make significant lifestyle adjustments. We are each being confronted with a new reality, one that we must accept and adapt to for the time being. It is safe to say that once this ends, lives will certainly be dramatically changed. We are already made aware of the economic implications of this pandemic and the challenges that countries and individuals face under these circumstances. The day-to-day functions of society have come to an abrupt halt. People are losing lives; others are losing jobs. Healthcare workers are on the front lines working diligently to combat this virus. These current realities speak to the detrimental consequences produced by this unprecedented health crisis.

I am of the belief that in every obstacle or hardship, despite its nature, there is an opportunity to grow and improve. As advised by political leaders and health officials, an effective way for us to change the current state of things is to simply stay at home. Some may find being isolated in their homes an unbearable suffering imposed on them. The feeling is completely understandable. As creatures of emotion, human beings long for social interaction and engagement. On the contrary, we need to ensure that we do our part and try to find the silver lining. Instead of pondering upon that which you're missing and subjecting yourself to a cycle of negative, pessimistic and stressful thinking, it's absolutely critical to use this time as an opportunity to reflect and focus on yourself and the things that drive or inspire you. Complaining will never make things better; it will only exacerbate your situation. This event calls for us all to really see and appreciate the light in the darkest of times, but seeing the light is an individual choice. Every person determines for herself whether she will concentrate on either the positive or negative aspects of a situation. This decision ultimately shapes how one experiences life.

In this moment, allow yourself to think. Think about the nature of the world in a deeper way. Think about yourself and your own abilities to contribute to society. Engage in activities that you've put on hold, and strive to learn new things about yourself. Importantly, enjoy this time with your family and those closest to you while you're all stuck together. Express gratitude for them and for everything that manifests in your life.

Remember that everything that comes, goes. Stay positive, and, on an equally important note, stay safe and healthy.

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