5 Things Only Children Of Divorce Understand
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5 Things Only Children Of Divorce Understand

Even if its been months or years, you probably relate to at least one of these statements

5 Things Only Children Of Divorce Understand

Having divorced parents isn't always easy. You are constantly thinking that everything is your fault. In some situations, you may feel like you have to choose one parents over the other. While living with divorced parents, you often hope that the lady or gentleman that your parent brings home will respect you and your parent.

Below are five things that almost all children with divorced parents understand:

1. You get two of everything (or almost everything).

You get two of everything, or almost everything. You get two birthday parties, two Christmases, two Easters. Basically two of every big holiday that you celebrate.

2. You feel like the reason your parents fight/argue is because of you.

A lot of times, your parents are not arguing because of something you said or did, but you feel as if its your fault. You don't exactly know why you feel like this, but you do. You always want your parents to be civil and not argue, but it may happen, and it breaks you a little more every time they argue.

3.You constantly feel like you have to choose between parents.

In some cases, you feel like you have to choose one parent over the other. You may love your parents the same amount, or you may not, but you still feel like you have to choose so one parent isn't upset or hurt about it.

4. You think about what if your parents were still together

You constantly think and wonder about the "what ifs." That if my mom and dad were still together. Would we be a happy family, like you see on television, or would we be an unhappy family that consists of yelling all the time. Would I have a sibling (or more siblings, if you already have one)?

5. You hope that if your parents start dating again that you are blessed with caring and understanding step-parents.

One of the biggest fears, I believe, is receiving a step-parent that is filled with hatred towards you. You always hope and pray that your step-parents will be someone you can tell things to. You hope that they understand that they have to earn your respect, since they are fulfilling a mother or father like role. Even though they will never replace your parent's place, you still hope that they can give you advice like your parent would, or even just listen to your personal problems and give their input.

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