The Starter Kit Makeup Bag

The Starter Kit Makeup Bag

You don't need 100 items of the same product. Nor do you need to be afraid of other products. Get to know some of the cult favorites from famous makeup artists and the latest trends.

Roman Drits

For some, makeup is an exciting world of creativity and self-expression. For others, it's terrifying and the word 'cat-eye' could cause nightmares for days. In reality, makeup is not as scary as one thinks--it just takes practice like any other artform. We just need the basics to start.

This 'starter kit' makeup bag is the perfect thing to get you started on an adventurous world of makeup. Set forth with these goodies and travel the realm of YouTube for some inspiration.


This foundation is the cult favorite of the season. The L'Oreal Pro Glow or Matte is one of the most reliable, long-lasting foundation for a very reasonable price. Many makeup artists (MUA) rave about this foundation.

My only complaint is the lack of color selection. If shade is an issue for you, check out the Fenty foundation line which has also received phenomenal reviews.

Buy L'Oreal here for $12.99

Buy Fenty Beauty here for $34.00


Tarte Shape Tape - one of the wonderwalls of concealers for the beauty world! These concealers, as well as the It Cosmetics Bye, Bye Undereye, have remained cult favorites for good reason. They blend well with most foundations, set with moderate ease, and do exactly what you want them to do.

Pro-tip: Many MUA use these foundations as a base for their eyeshadows, as well.

Buy Tarte Shape Tape here for $27.00

Buy Bye, Bye Undereye here for $24.00


The makeup world has been taken by storm with the number of eyeshadows and palettes available. You could honestly pick anything you think looks pretty and be fine. For this, I will recommend a few brands that are consistent with their formula.

Buy Morphe eyeshadow palettes here

Buy Colourpop eyeshadows here (single or palette)

Buy Makeup Geek singles here


I have tried many eyeliners - all liquid felt tips. I've never been a fan of gel pan liners - they're also quite difficult for beginners to get a handle on. I suggest these eyeliners for clean-cut cat-eye goodness (use with primer and set with eyeshadow)

Buy Kat Von D Tattoo Liner here for $20.00

Buy Urban Decay Perversion Liner here for $22.00


Most MUA splurge on mascaras and then top their eyelids with a nice pair of falsies. For the beginning and everyday wearer, this can be a little high maintenance. I recommend these two mascaras on both spectrums of the expense wave.

Buy Maybelline Big Shot mascara here for $7.99

Buy Benefit Roller Lash here for $24.00


Blind the world, honey! Highlighters a newcomer to the game of makeup. So much so that it seems to be the biggest ticket item this holiday season. Highlighters come in many forms including powder, cream, stick, and the new jelly formula. The two recommended are powders and cult favorites.

Buy Wet n' Wild Megaglow Highlighter here for $4.99

Buy The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer here for $24.00


Blush is a classic. The beauty of this is that a little goes a very long way. It gives the perfect tint of color to your rosy cheeks. Check out these favorites.

Buy Tarte Amazonian Clay blush here for $29.00

Buy NARS Orgasm blush here for $30.00


The world of lip products is just as vast as the world of eyeshadow. Classic lipsticks are a safe bet for most brands. However, some brands have had difficulty creating the perfect liquid lipstick formula. Some brands have taken the world by storm, however.

Buy Colourpop lippies here

Buy Dose of Colors lippies here

Setting Spray or Powder

As the world of concealers has taken way so have their accomplices; the setting spray. This formula and procedure will help your foundation and concealers stay all day. Apply setting powders with a damp beauty blender and apply to the area desired. For setting sprays, simply spritz some on your beautiful face.

Buy RCM Setting Powder here for $12.00

Buy MAC Setting Spray here for $25.00


Much like many craftsmen need good tools to create good work, MUAs need good tools to apply product properly. The holy grail of applicators includes the Beauty Blender. There are many off-brand versions of this product, but I believe the EcoTools Beauty Blender is the best competitor.

For eyeshadows and powders, there are many great products. I recommend two brands for your choosing.

Buy EcoTools Beauty Blender here for $9.99

Buy Crown Brushes here

Buy Sigma Beauty brushes here

While there are a million and one product around for the your taking, it can be quite overwhelming. I believe with a little bit of knowledge the options might not be so intimidating. So don't be afraid to experiment - be bold, be creative.

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