A few months ago, I found myself perusing Netflix in search of a new series to watch. It was then that I stumbled upon The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Once on ABC Family, (now Freeform- but that's a whole separate issue-) the show portrayed the life of 15 year old Amy Juergens, who finds herself pregnant after hooking up with Ricky Underwood at band camp. Naturally, when the show aired, my mom forbid me from watching it. While I get that the show aimed to educate about unprotected sex, teenage pregnancy, high school relationships, etc., I do get where she was coming from. It was 2008 when it first aired, and I can understand why my mom wanted her 12 year old to hold off from learning about sex and all of that for at least a little longer. So, now that I'm 20, I decided I'm probably old enough to give a show about high schoolers a shot. I'm currently almost on season 3, so don't spoil it for me, but here are some of my thoughts thus far. PSA- I'm not proud of my recently found obsession for this show, just to put it out there.

1. Amy's layer game is on point.

Tank top over a long sleeve? Yes please.

2. Amy's dad is kind of over the top.

Playing a TV dad is never the easiest, but sometimes George needs to tone it down a bit.

3. Molly Ringwald is...well still Molly Ringwald.

So maybe they get better in the later seasons, but as of season 2, these girls kinda suck. Especially Madison. You'll have to watch to figure this out for yourself...

4. This show is a total soap opera.

Everyone sleeps with everyone, and people's parents are way too involved, and everyone is interconnected in some way, shape, or beautifully dramatic form.

5. Jennifer Coolidge, aka Paulette from "Legally Blonde" is in the show, which is awesome.

She's freaking incredible.

6. Sex is always discussed, and it seems like almost everyone in the show is doing it...

Call me crazy, but I wasn't really concerned with sex as much as these kids back in high school. Alas, I guess sex is kind of the foundation of the show...

7. I can't figure out why I care so much about this damn show.

It's nothing special, it's by no means remarkable, but I can't bring myself to stop watching it.