I Started Digital Planning And It Was A Great Decision

Organization and planning holds a very special place in my daily life.

I am one of those people that has to have everything laid out in front of me, or else I lose my mind. I have tried bullet journaling, using a regular planner, and even just using the calendar app on my iPhone, but I can never stick to one thing.

Although I have enjoyed each of these organizational tools, there has always been something missing. Whether it be the extreme time commitment of bullet journaling, the annoyance of never having the perfect planner layout, or even just the confusion of the Apple calendar app, nothing has ever really helped me plan everything the way I want it done, until I found Tick Tick.

Tick Tick is a free application on iOS that is perfect for my digital planning. It gives you the option of importing external calendars, creating your own calendars within the app, creating projects that hold tasks, and much more. It is the perfect balance of a "to-do list" and a calendar, which is just what I need as a college student.

My favorite feature of this app has to be the list making function. You can create a folder for each class you have (which is what I did) and then fill in your assignments including the date they are due and a description of what the task is. This is so much easier to keep up with because each class is color-coded on your calendar, so you know what you have to do for each class that day. I have also used this calendar to set up a workout schedule, sleep schedule, and any activities or trips I might be taking this semester.

There are many apps like Tick Tick, and although I purchased the premium version, the free version is just as helpful. There are many other apps you can use as well and to start out with digital planning you may want to begin with Google Calendar.

I will always love my physical planner, and I will probably still use it until it is finished but I think in the future I will continue to move towards digital planning.

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