Look beyond new years resolutions and just ask yourself "how can I make a difference in the world this year?". Read on for three ways to start the new year off right.

Go (More) Green

There's no denying climate change, and we need to start doing more to protect our environment. Recycling isn't enough anymore. This year, commit to buying less plastic, re-using plastic containers, and support green business instead of huge corporations that are destroying the environment. Also, consider going solar and buying a portable solar generator or install solar panels on your home. This can reduce your carbon footprint in 2019 and save you money on your utility bill!

Support Local Businesses

Businesses like Walmart and Amazon are making it more and more difficult for small business owners to thrive in their hometown. Start shopping at local farmer's markets instead of Whole Foods. Go to your local decor shop instead of Target or IKEA. Try giving your money to business owners in your community instead of billionaires. Not only will you help your community, but you'll help small business owners and the economy.

Don't Speak Negatively of Others

It's easy to talk badly about others, but it does nothing to make you feel better and it's hurtful. I was once told that speaking negatively about others is like drinking poison expecting it to harm someone else. Negative words bring you down and make you feel even more upset. If you are feeling negatively towards someone, channel that into something positive. If you need to approach them, do it in a respectful way and don't act purely on emotion.