Starfish and Mysteries

Starfish and Mysteries

What lies below the surface of this poem?

Starfish and Mysteries

When one goes to the ocean, the ocean creates peace and tranquility, but behind it is a depth of mystery. It creates a sense of happiness, a sense of that one is actually there in the moment and not being rushed by little things in their day. The ocean is a place of healing, a place for peace, and a place for whatever means necessary. The ocean may be calm but has it mysterious side because what really is lurking under the surface of the cool, salty water? From the biggest whale shark to the smallest starfish. Something could easily take one under if one isn’t fully aware. The ocean is the biggest living part of our planet; it’s a part of our life but with that why does it have such a heavy impact? It’s like the lungs of earth breathing in and out with every tide.

Two of the most influential substances in our solar system that exists makes one think of how incredible this planet is. This shows how those two contributing factors affect one another on a daily basis. The moon effects the tides, the currents, and the breathability of the ocean. The sun also effects the ocean life, and the contributions are literally out of our world. The sun affects the health of the human body. The sun is a huge part of the ocean’s ecosystem because it gives the ocean life. The warmth radiating from the surface of the water attracts multiple marine mammals but when the warmth changes the starfish notice, causing a mass of starfish migrations in several locations. Starfish are like life in a way through that they cover ground so slow but continue to move over life’s obstacles and mysteries. In the poem, Starfish the author uses tone, imagery, symbolism, diction and the speaker to help demonstrate that life keeps on moving even though there might be mysteries.

The author created a sense of peace and tranquility in the very beginning of the poem; the author treats the poem as if it were a calm day in the ocean. No waves, No swells, not a single ripple in the water. The crash of the waves are slow and steady and not defining. She begins creating a calm setting with starting off with “This is what life does,” a simple statement. This is what life does, it goes on. It doesn’t stop, it keeps moving. It’s a constant continuum of time. Life does what it does and its’ day in and day out. She uses this to her advantage because it connects to the tone that has presented itself. It sets the reader up for an adventure in the poem because it creates a soothing effect.

Another phrase that is very present in the poem is “It lets you…” every time after the “you” it sets up a different picture, a different feeling. It makes the reader wonder what the speaker of the poem is going through in their day and acknowledges the tone of calmness. The author uses an unacknowledged underlying tone that it very present due to all the rhetorical questions present in the poem. The underlying tone is a mysteriously, uplifting tone through that life keeps moving on and a day doesn’t stop moving, but there is questions that might stop one throughout the day. In the context of the poem ones day, bad news or something that makes them enter a not so calm mindset, which can make one pause in her thoughts and lose sight of their day.

The author uses rhetorical questions to her advantage because it makes the reader stop and think about what she is trying to portray this example of diction in the poem. The rhetorical questions are always at the end of the last set of stanzas. But they are always reminiscing about the stanzas above and questioning if the choices and decisions they had made were the best in her own interest. With self-doubting it’s never a tell-tale story; one always thinks about what they could have done differently, and the speaker is very present with how the questions surround their life as well as making them step back and take a pause. The author’s sense of tranquility is very deliberate because of the tone she sets out.

In the poem Starfish, the author creates a deep image of how life is for someone by using diction to imitate the wandering mind. Life varies from person to person on this planet. Life is something different, something unique, and something mysterious. Life can cause twists and turns and not really knowing what’s next, but the speaker in the poem has a different perspective on life. The author draws up a deeper image of how calm and mysterious the setting is. She persuades the reader through creating a very detailed image of not only in the poem but also in the imagery used in her diction. Life is what it is. It is different for everyone but for the speaker it seems to be more than that. It seems life is more than it actually is, “It lets you walk up to the store to buy breakfast and the paper, on a stiff knee. It lets you choose the way you have your eggs, your coffee. Then it sits a fisherman down beside you at the counter who say, Last night, the channel was full of starfish.” In lines 1-6 it shows how much the speaker is stuck on how much life is so important to them. That creates an image of wanting.

The channel full of starfish is an important part of the poem because it seems as if the starfish are a sign to the speaker and that image of wanting makes it all connect. Throughout the poem the image of wanting is very prevalent like in lines 12-32. “And then life suggests that you remember the years you ran around, the years you developed a shocking lifestyle, advocated careless abandon, owned a chilly heart. Upon reflection, you are genuinely surprised to find how quiet you have become. And then life lets you go home to think about all this. Which you do, for quite a long time.” That image of wanting is so present because life makes one remember and recollect about ones past as well as how they are acting now. It helps the reader understand the position of the author and what she is trying to accomplish in the images that they have presented to the reader. Wanting is a deep image here because it feels like the speaker is wanting for normalcy and is questioning themselves in every stanza. So in this she ties in the starfish because starfish wander the sea floor, flowing in and out of the waves and currents. This reflects the image by that wanting to belong is life’s mystery. But also reflects on the author’s use of diction because it helps develop the sense of tranquility as well calm level nature. She uses diction and imagery side by side because it helps the reader pause and reflect on what is right in front of them.

In the poem, Starfish the author creates this sense of peace and tranquility but there was always this sense of mystery. The authors has a juxtaposition of the personal world that coincides with the natural world. She reflects on the starfish that swim into the bay but it also becomes a self-reflection about choices and decisions. She uses the phrase “Where whole generations of biological processes are boiling beneath the mud.” She continues to reflect on the images at hand with the reeds and the birds but making it full circle with collecting her thoughts back to the starfish, “The starfish drift through the channel, with smiles on their starry faces as they head out to deep water, to the far and boundless sea.” It makes a full circle just like how life does. Life is an ominous concept that varies from person to person. But for the author, she puts herself in the poem and creates this sense of questioning how life does what it does, but why does it? Her sense of calmness collides with mystery because there will always be that unknown. The speaker in the poem reflects the author’s personal questions as well as the personal memories that the author experienced.

In the poem, Starfish the author brings many different ideas to the metaphorical table of life. She uses imagery and diction to help portray life with how it falls back and reminiscing on memories or choices that one made in the past. She uses tone to help the reader a better understanding of what life does. It does what it wants with a sense of peace and tranquility but a sense of mystery waiting underneath the surface. Symbolism embeds itself underneath the tone, like starfish waiting in the tide pools in the channels. It helps the reader understand that life is full circle but has a lot of different paths to take in that very circle. Lastly she uses the speaker to help portray life choices and decisions that she reflects on personally in this poem.

This poem was very reflective and helped the reader understand and pause in their own thoughts about their own experiences. It helped me reflect with that the authors use of diction as well as her use of imagery helped me understand why she set up the poem how she did. She juxtaposed it with images of herself in that time with reminiscing thoughts and challenges. I enjoyed the poem because it made me reflect on my own personal behalf as well as look at my future. The poem as a whole was very moving as well as very thought provoking. It made the reader stop and pause. It helped the reader feel a sense of peace and calm but also that sense of wanting. The starfish were like the reader, coming into the channel gathering some thoughts and exiting once again.

Cover Image Credit: Kaitlin Fionda

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A Tale of Two Corey's Part 3

Just when you thought it was over...Again

Here we are once again on the same topic. As I have previously said, this story will always remain unfinished no matter how much information gets out, the "Truth" or how things will be finished.

If you are unfamiliar with this whole thing, I would suggest reading part one and two but I will do a little quick refresher. Corey Haim and Corey Feldman were two of the biggest teen idols of the 80's. Their stardom was short lived due to them both being sexually abused at a young age as well as heavy drug use.

In my previous articles, I have clearly shown what side I am on and that is Haim's. Feldman has given me enough reason dislike everything he stands for and the way he treats his best friend. Like every good story, the plot keeps getting thicker and worse with every word that falls from his mouth.

If you were lucky enough to catch the movie, you saw the things it showed. On the Lifetime Channel, they aired a movie appropriately titled "A Tale of Two Corey's" (Maybe he read my articles) and was based on the 2013 book that Corey F. has written about his life. It was about play by play of course minus many little things here and there. It, of course, did Feldman justice but did it do Haim's? Of course not.

Everything that he says is becoming a big huge problem not only with fans or "haters" as he calls them but from Corey H.'s friends and family as well. He claims he is doing it for his former friend but I've never watched someone throw them under the bus as much as he has.

At one point in the movie, it had depicted a scene that he claims happened when they were teenagers that I cannot wrap my head around. I've spoken about it once but I NEED to bring it back up. When they were fifteen, Corey F. thought it was best to get Corey H. off his back by calling a guy who is twice his age to deal with the issue.

Now no one seems to see that it is a major problem considering that Haim had been raped by an older man a little while before. What "Best Friend" calls a man who can easily take advantage...No one including Corey F. himself sees that it is an issue. I can't be the only one, right?

The Lifetime movie had proved something I have been saying since I started this entire thing. Corey Feldman does not take responsibility for his actions in his friends demise and does not show any remorse or regret. Unfortunately we only get his side of the story since Corey H. has passed away back in 2013 due to pneumonia.

Even in the movie they had justified what I said which would backfire on Feldman. They had him as a teen yelling at Haim for taking movie roles and being the better Corey. I have been saying that he was jealous and many others can completely agree with it. He see's no wrong doing in his actions of his best friend being raped and he seems to turn the story around on everyone else.

Watching closely to the movie, they show Corey F. in more of a sympathy sort of way making him look like the innocent one of the two. Most of the drug use portrayed was done by Corey H. I know that he had struggled his entire life with addiction but I couldn't help but notice that difference. The picture depicted him as more of a saint who got sober while the other was portrayed as a problem to everyone.

After my first two articles, I had received two messages from two different women thanking me fro writing them. They are both friends with Corey H's. friends and personally know his Mother Judy who is also grateful me for these.I wanted people to read these and understand why this truth needs to be spoken.

If you are wondering why I back Corey Haim so much is due to various reasons. He is not here to defend himself on any allegation that is out there. He is not able to speak up against Corey Feldman and the things that he puts on him. Corey is not just a best friend or son or brother. Corey Haim is a man who had gotten unfairly treated in life and in death.

You've probably seen all of the interviews that Corey F. has been giving lately and boy, you were in for a treat after the movie if you caught it. Once again, the things he speaks of makes not any sense and I want to bring up one thing he said.

Weeks before Haim's passing, they had gotten a chance to hang out but not in the way I thought. Feldman had stated that Corey H. told him, "'If something happens to me or should I die before you, promise me that my story will be told.'" Now let me explain why I am confused on this.

These two had not spoken to each other in three years and out of the blue he is going to tell him that? Another thing is that Corey H. was not ready to face his demons himself so why would he want someone else to? I get that he would no longer be with us at that point but I'm not understanding the logic. Besides that, he was very, very close to his his Mother so why not have her instead of the guy you have had a rocky relationship with for the last ten years?

Where is this story going now? Well here is yet again another issue I have. Corey Feldman wants to make a movie about his book...Sound familiar? Yeah, I just watched it on Lifetime. Problem is, he wants it to be detailed and graphic. I'm sorry but I wouldn't want to watch a movie depicting sexual assault on a child like the way he wants to show it.

But before he makes it though he needs money, lots of it. He already had two donation pages raising at least $300,000 and guess what he's doing now? Yep, you guessed it, donation page 3 and wanting to raise a million dollars.

Every interview he does he brings it up and asks or shall I says begs for a donation. I'm not kidding, check out his Facebook or Twitter, he is constantly asking. I'm sorry but you just had a movie made (In which he got money for) which is going to be the same exact thing but graphic.

He had also Tweeted that if he doesn't see a rise in numbers on the donation page, he is going to shut it down because he's not getting any money. *Shakes head*, if that doesn't sound like a cash grab, I don't know what does.

Moving forward, will there be a part 4? I'm sure in time there will be one but for now I will still be following this story closely and the next nonsense that happens.

But just remember Corey, jealousy is an ugly thing and will backfire on you in no time.

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