It's not real.

I understand that Instagram and Pinterest have shown you a thousand recipes and there are dozens of accounts dedicated to giving you new recipes to try out the next time at your local cafe. They range from cereal flavored frappucinos to fix all teas that magically cure colds. A lot of these drinks are recipes baristas came up with for themselves that somehow got out and given a cutesy name. If you truly want to mix things up, just ask your barista!

We are an infinite resource of Starbucks ingredient knowledge and can help you find your new special drink. I'm sure they would be happy to get a little creative and try to come up with something for you. Just don't go telling your friends and the Internet about it and land us right back at square one.

Please do not order from it.

Most of the time your barista won't know what goes into your drink because it's not part of the menu we're required to know. I can't tell you how many times I've had to tell someone I couldn't make the drink they wanted because they ordered off the secret menu and I didn't know the recipe and they couldn't remember where they had seen it so they couldn't pull up the recipe for me. There will be that one saintly barista that spends their time learning recipes outside work but since the majority of us are hourly workers we don't typically spend out time working off the clock.

Pro-Tip: if you come in with the recipe in hand and ready to recite to us everything will be a lot easier on both our ends.

The end.


A Starbucks Barista