You Should Get On The Star Wars Hype Train Already
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You Should Get On The Star Wars Hype Train Already

With less than three months until Episode VII, we should all start talking about why this movie is gonna be just great.

You Should Get On The Star Wars Hype Train Already

So close, yet so far.

As the new "Star Wars" film is now less than three months away from its beautiful release, one can't help but get just a little hype. It's coming. And Holy Mother of Jar Jar am I excited. So if everyone could be please hop onto the "Star Wars" hype train, we can get this thing stared.

Ok, so "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is being released in American theaters on December 18th, 2015, seemingly light years away from now. We're all obviously excited, and it seems like Disney might actually knock this one out of the theoretical ballpark that is Hollywood Resurrection.

So all aboard the hype train.

"The Force Awakens," which will be the seventh episode of the "Star Wars" films, has made consistent headlines since the release of it's first teaser trailer, a 90 second thrill ride that made me and my 22-year-old brother squeal with delight.

This movie has such a massive bubble of hype around it because It's exciting for so many people. After the first trailer for Episode VII was released, my brother and I made sure to show our 10-year-old sister the "Star Wars" movies so that she understood. What makes this movie's release so exciting is that it applies to every Star Wars fan alive. It's a real sequel. A true follow-up to the original trilogy. Sure, Disney's making it for the insane amount of money it'll rake in, but this movie could actually have a more profound effect on its audience than any other movie coming out this holiday season.

If you've loved Star Wars since the first movie graced the screen in 1977, you should be excited.

If you're first Star Wars experience was with the cloddish Episode I in 1999, you should be excited.

And if you're like me, and you grew up in the early 2000s riding your everlasting love of all six "Star Wars" films around the house like a speeding X-Wing, you should also be excited.

That's why this hype train is so big and crowded. Everyone should be excited for this movie. Not because it's gonna have big explosions and drama and all that Hollywood mumbo jumbo. But because it's Star Wars. I grew up pretending to be a jedi, taking every chance I had to tug my sweatshirt hood over my head to try and look like Luke Skywalker. It's a childhood love that blends with our adult goals to be a hero...or to say witty lines while firing a blue blaster at stormtroopers (that's mine).

The hype train is this hyped because this movie is going to be awesome. I see no way how J.J. Abrams can mess this up. And for sure if he does, he'll be known as Jar Jar Abrams for the rest of his career.

But even so, the stellar cast, the rocking new stormtrooper look, and everything in between tell me that we're in good hands.

Less than three months separate us from the magical release of this movie. Get excited. If you're a "Star Wars" fanatic, you should be pumped out the wazoo. We're finally getting a sequel to the Original Trilogy that will not only include much of the original cast, but also finally answer the question of what the hell happened after the Empire fell.

It's gonna be awesome. Get your tickets ready, because the hype train is about to get rolling.

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