Former Stanford University student Brock Turner will be released this Friday. Turner was arrested on Jan. 18, 2015, for sexually assaulting an unconscious 22-year-old woman behind a dumpster.He was convicted of three felony sexual assault charges in March; sentence for only six months in Santa Clara county jail.

This is an outrage towards women and the pervasiveness of rape culture.This contributes the disbelief in the court system, in order to justifying the young man’s assault. Also, a proclaimed example on white privilege.

The conviction had a potential sentence of 14 years in prison. The 20-year-old’s jail sentence removed three months of the six month sentence for good behavior. The removal of the other half of his sentence occurred before starting his jail time.

Committing this heinous crime, Turner recognized getting a jail sentence was inevitable.The amount of his prison sentence got his family to be involved.

According to Dailymail, Turner’s family and others sent letters, pleading the Judge Aaron Persky to get a more lenient sentence.

One of Turner’s supporters was a former federal prosecutor Margaret Quin, who is a friend of the Turner family stated jail time “would serve no purpose.” Quin also advised for the judge to consider the long term damage like limited job opportunities and the requirement to register as a sex offender.

The leverage on the court system and Turner’s family puts a mockery on rape culture.The combination of being white and the use of family connections, manipulated the judge’s deductive sentence on Turner is absurd.

Stanford rapist Brock Turner, repeatedly lie to his probation officer, claiming how the victim was not unconscious and encouraged to his response for sexual interaction.

When the scene was intervened by two international students Swedish graduate students Peter Jonsson and Carl-Frederik Arndt both telling the police, when they witness the rape incident the victim was motionless.

Who paid the bigger price?

During the two-week trial, the victim had a 12-page statement that was read out loud to the court.It offered specific details about her experience of the evening Turner assaulted her.She was also displeased with Turner insisting going to court, which he pleaded not guilty for the charges.

It's unfortunate for this young woman to not earn justice. Her words did not impact the court, along has to deal with the trauma from her assault for the rest of her life.

Being white privilege, the appearance being a Caucasian, symbolizing as highly financed and skin color adds to the complication of the introspects on modern society. For this instance, affiliation with the criminal laws.

Judge Persky judicially favoring on Turner being white is also under scrutiny.This example on justice courts is putrid and lightens the criminality upon victims of rape. This controversial court case, has been in widespread criticism.

Letting a man out with the least amount possible for sexual assault is unbelievable towards to public and should’ve given a longer sentence for his actions.

Unfortunately, someone like Brock Turner will be out on September 2, 2016.

To read the victim's statement is here