The 11 Stages Of A Spring Break At Home
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The 11 Stages Of A Spring Break At Home

Netflix marathon anyone?

The 11 Stages Of A Spring Break At Home
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So, all of your friends are off in Punta Cana laying out on the beach next to some Ryan Reynolds look-alike. And you? You're on your 15th "Grey's Anatomy" episode of the day and have yet to brush your hair or get up from the couch. Spring break can be the ultimate party get away from some college kids. For others, it's the perfect time to kick your feet up and enjoy some much need r&r. While not all of us have the luxury of drinking fruity cocktails and dancing the day away under the tropical sun, spring break back home has its perks as well. From free food from mom and dad, to catching up with old besties from high school, a mellow spring break may be just what you need after the mayhem of midterms.

1. Endless sleep.

If you're like me, the first place you head when you are home for an extended period is your comfy bed. Between heavy course loads, jobs, clubs and meetings, getting a good night's sleep might not always be on the top of your list of priorities. Spring break is the perfect time to throw on your comfiest sweats and jump under the covers... for as long as you want. No judgment.

2. Binge eating mom's home cooked food.

One of my favorite things about going home is escaping the college dining hall for a few days. Spring break is a whole week dedicated to binge eating your mom's famous penne alla vodka or sitting down with a plate of homemade cookies. No matter what mom is cooking up, it is probably better than cold fries for dinner at 11 p.m.

3. Netflix marathon.

So, now that you're home with little to no commitments, it's time to watch 100 episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" and "Gossip Girl" (my personal favorites). Open that laptop, park it on the couch and let the "Play next episode" button run wild. After a semester and a half under your belt, you deserve to fall down the dark black hole of a Netflix marathon. First one to blink loses!

4. Attempting to be productive.

Despite our begging and pleading, professors still tend to assign homework and papers over our brief taste of freedom. Whether you have a big presentation, paper, or 15 chapters of a book to read, finding the motivation to do homework over spring break can be a challenge. While you may sit down in front of your laptop to start that "Essential Point Outline," you may find yourself on your cousin's best friend's boyfriend's sister's Facebook page wondering "How did I get here?"

5. Reuniting with the high school squad.

You grew up together. Your high school friends are family. I know when my friends and I are home we always make a point to meet up for pizza at one of our favorite spots or have a movie and wine night at someone's house. Your high school friends will always be a part of your life, and when the stars align and you can all be together for one night, make sure to take advantage of the trip down memory lane. There's bound to be plenty of laughing and embarrassing stories ahead.

6. Catching up on all the hometown gossip.

Meeting up with your old high school pals means catching up on all the hometown gossip. It's the perfect time to swap stories of the "goody goody" who's now a party girl, or that high school power couple breaking up. Spring break provides you with the opportunity to get filled in on everything you missed while you were far away from small town drama.

7. Hitting the stores with your mom.

Going shopping with my mom is always one of my favorite spring break activities. Not only do we get to spend some much-needed quality time together, but since I'm finally home she might be a little more willing to buy me those 50 dollar shoes "I just have to have."

8. Getting a text from a trouble making boy from home.

By some strange sixth sense, that one boy always seems to know right when you're back on his home turf. Get ready for the "so what are your plans for this week?" or "you know you've been looking really good" texts spamming your phone the minute you set foot in your neighborhood. Stay strong! He was no good in high school, and most likely if he's still texting you years later, he's still up to the same games.

9. Texting the college friends group chat.

After maxing out your sleeping capacity, and your parents suspending your Netflix account for fear of your mental health and safety, it's time to text your college pals group chat. Whether you're complaining about how you can't wait to be back at school, or making brunch plans at your favorite spot for the second you are back, you and your squad refuse to be out of communication just because of a little distance.

10. Wishing you were back at school.

This is the most dreaded stage of being home for spring break. After a few days, you long for the comforts of school. Whether it be the endless parade of friends in your cramped room, or having your best friend live across the hall, you find yourself counting down the days where you can throw everything in your car and head for that 20 something utopia.

11. Packing up and heading back.

After a restful week at home, it's time to throw all your things into a duffle bag and head back to life at school. You've watched your Netflix, slept more than you ever thought was humanly possible, and who knows, maybe even got some school work done. Either way it's back to classes, homework, and going out with friends.

Spring break is a great time for you to appreciate both the comforts of home and school. You're able to appreciate where you come from, as well as what you miss when you're away from school. Whether you partied on the beach or spent some extra quality time with friends and family from home, I hope spring break left you relaxed and ready to take on the second half of the semester. Happy spring!

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