Having trouble getting back in the groove of things? You aren't the only one. All over the country, college students are struggling to put real pants on and find matching socks. The Thanksgiving Hangover is real, but the countdown to Christmas is here...you just have to make it through finals first.

Here are the five stages everyone goes through when returning to college after Thanksgiving Break...

1. Procrastination

You procrastinated all of your work for the last week, and now reality is setting in. You have four exams, three papers to write, and a group project that is going to be anything but fun and just over a week to complete them all. When you tell your mom how stressed you are, she has no sympathy because you choose to binge watch "Gilmore Girls" (and still haven’t finished…) and eat instead of working ahead. Time to stock up on Starbuck’s Frappuccino’s and get to typing!

2. The Need for Sleep

So you watched too much tv and ate massive amounts of food all weekend, that's cool, but now your body is used to sleep and sustenance and none of that is found during finals week. You want to nap? Looking for food that tastes just like your mom's? Hunker down in the library and get to work so that sleep is possible and you're one night closer to your mom’s home cooking.

3. Homesickness

Once you take a trip back home, it is even more difficult to stay on task and have fun at school. I know that going home and coming back five days later made it so much harder to say goodbye to my family and focus on the few assignments I have left. Calling home once back is so much harder because all you’re thinking about is your pets waiting for your return, and also the fact that you and your mom started binge-watching a new show on Netflix and now you can't help but sneak a few minutes of the show in without her.

4. Drama

You’ve been home with your family and are used to being treated like the princess you (think you) are, so coming back to school is like getting back in line for a roller coaster after being one away from getting on. Everyone is stressed to the brink and one little thing can make anyone go off. The goal is to remain calm and kind and just know that everyone is a little crazy pants right now. Know that you are not the only student struggling. Help each other out and hang out with your special friends on campus because a month away from them can be hard, but needed.

5. The Count Down

Time to start the ticking time clock. If you’re like me, you have until December 9 to get your life together. While school work is the focus of my time for the next week, so is spending some quality time with my roommate and friends, finishing "Gilmore Girls" and watching every new Hallmark Christmas movie that airs. Make time for yourself, have set goals and don’t freak out when the Wi-Fi goes down for a half hour. Just know that Christmas is almost here (and the new episodes of FULLER HOUSE)!!