Since I have recently moved back home from college, I have been feeling an intense amount of emotions. The one that keeps reoccurring is being overwhelmed. Not the overwhelming realization that your year at college is over, you will no longer have any freedom, or anxiously awaiting for final grades. This is a different type of overwhelming from all of the crap that you didn't realize fit into a 10'x13' room. In short, here are the stages of unpacking from college.

1. When you think of all the times in your dorm as you are packing up

You had some great times but let's face it, especially if it was your first year, some freaky stuff happened in that room.

2. While you are packing up

This is the first part of being overwhelmed. You found some shorts that you lost for good in the back of a drawer. You also start to realize that you have a lot of stuff. A lot of stuff.

3. When you see your friends moving out but you're stuck at school for exams

You start to realize that your friends are moving back to their homes and you are still stuck in your own room. You also have exams that you just want to get over with so you can cuddle with your dog or cat.

4. The family comes to help move you out

If you are lucky enough to be the first child to go to college, you will have no idea how to not only move in, but also move out. When you are moving out, it is likely the most time you have spent with your family since spring break. You are used to doing things on your own and having the redundant question of "can I grab this?" and "oh what's this?" will most likely drive you up the wall. Just remember that they are incredibly happy to have their bird coming back to the nest for a while.

6. Cleaning the remains of your year

Most residence halls have a standard that you have to meet when it comes to moving out. You whip out the hand vacuum and Lysol cleaning wipes faster than you ever have before. All the sudden, you are cleaning like Monica Geller.

7. Officially moving out

During the hustle and bustle of studying and getting your room cleaned and packed up, you stop all the sudden and realize that this room was a little part of you for the past nine months. This is the room where your parents dropped you off nine months ago and sent you a care package from then to the day that you're moving out. This is where you cried in front of your best friend because of how overwhelmed you were and then they took you out for a Cookout run at 11 pm. While this room is small and cramped, it is the place you returned to so you could forget about the world and watch Netflix or call your mom or dad.

8. Coming back home

Remember that overwhelmed feeling I was talking about? It is back. You walk into your house and everything seems normal, until you get to your room and you see the disaster that is your room. Boxes and crates and bags everywhere. All the sudden, you are cleaning like a mad woman and creating piles for charity and "please get this out of my life".

9. Your first meal home

In the midst of cleaning and organizing your room, you get called down for dinner. Your favorite home cooked meal is awaiting you. It is your first home cooked meal in a hot minute or two and you couldn't be happier.

10. Sleeping in your own bed

This one doesn't need an explanation. Sleeping in your own bed in the best feeling in the world.

11. Getting your room put back together

Your room is finally clean and organized. It is back to being you instead of boxes and crates. This is when you begin to enjoy your summer.

Moving back from college is stressful but it is also relaxing knowing the friends you get to see and spending time with those who matter most. It is also a time to recuperate from the stressful college year. Enjoy this time, because if the school year can fly by, so can summer.