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I consider art as being anything you have created and love doing. I also believe that if you are proud and passionate about what you are creating, it would be great to show it off to the world. You never know where it could possibly lead you. The fear of posting something so close to you can be scary, yet so exciting. Being a creator myself, I understand the hesitance and the feeling of sharing 110%.

In the beginning, you have a rush of feelings. Discovering what your true passion is and practicing is part of the first stage. It's fun. You're getting creative. All your artistic juices are flowing. When I first started my film review website, "Chilling with Ash", I had a whole list of things I wanted to cover, without a straight plan.

Which brings me to the next step in getting your content out, start a plan and goal list. What is your audience> What are your goal and intentions? Who do you want to inspire? Are you making a statement? When do you want to post? Making an artistic "blueprint" or checklist can be extremely helpful. It will allow you to see your progress and also gives you the ability to produce good content.

Sometimes we as creators can be reluctant to showcase what we love whether it's paintings, poetry, short stories, etc. We wonder if anyone will like it and what they're response will be. Sometimes we don't want to show the world, a special part of ourselves. A part of our mind. In that case, I say JUST DO IT. Don't allow that fear and reluctance take over with negative feelings. Take a leap and see how far you can go. There's no better feeling than FINALLY doing it.

Once you finally showcase your work, one important factor is to be sure to put your best foot forward. Post quality AS WELL as consistent quantity. I say this because with a consistent amount a good work brings in traffic for your work. This will allow people to get even more invested in what you have to create.

Don't be afraid to showcase your art. If you love it, that's all that matters!


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