This semester, I was fortunate enough to have a dorm room to myself. A dream come true, I had my own private piece of paradise among a residence hall of fellow college students. And although there's something to be said for the traditional college dorm experience, where you live with other students and "make memories" together, I'd recommend the single life to anyone even remotely considering it.

For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of this type of living, here is one of TV's favorite families to show you just how amazing it really is by walking you through the stages of living in a single dorm room.

1. You get to move in at your own pace because there's no one in the room but you.

2. You spend the first few days reveling in total control over the thermostat, noise level and when you sleep.

3. However, after a while, you begin to realize that there's no one around to discourage your bad / odd behaviors.

4. Your grip on what is socially acceptable to say slowly begins to loosen because all your standards come from TV shows and movies.

5. You also have to do the heavy lifting and rearrangements by yourself.

6. Soon, you start to leave your door open when you're home in hopes of making friends with the people on your floor, no matter how strange they might be.

7. And when that doesn't work, you start looking for company elsewhere, like from your vast collection of stuffed animals and trinkets.

8. So when you do encounter other humans, your tolerance for their company isn't very strong at all.

9. Without a roommate to turn to for support and advice, you learn to be confident all by yourself.

10. And no matter how lonesome you get, you never regret your decision to have a place of your own.

From nights alone with nothing but Ramen noodles and video games for company, to times where you're free to spend your day in whatever way you please, living by yourself is the way to go.