Miami just started, so I'm still in phase one, but my boyfriend has been in school for three weeks so he's in phase two or three. Wherever you are, enjoy the process!

1. Excited to see all your friends again after a long break.

You're back, moved in and ready to party! Enjoy syllabus week while it lasts. You know it's about to kick into overdrive.

2. End of the first week. You have a little homework, but you're still motivated.

You're ready to crank out your homework, and you're getting all your work done ahead of time. You know it'll be rough if you wait till the last minute to do it all.

3. The first week of exams hits, and you suddenly realize how hard the semester will be.

Suddenly, sh*t just got real and you realize you have a LOT of studying to do and a LOT of catching up to do if you want to do well on exams.

4. There's 27 group projects, a paper, 12 meetings, and you work 4 shifts this week.

What's sleep? Haven't met her! You're overwhelmed, exhausted and ready for a break.

5. Either spring break or fall break hits and you are READY.

You've been killing yourself all semester to keep your GPA up, and there's FINALLY a break! Go celebrate and enjoy!

6. You come back to campus for the end of the semester and wrapping up classes.

You come in ready to knock out the end of the semester and keep that GPA high!

7. Finals week. No description necessary.

You do NOTHING besides study and eat. That's it. If you're like me, you lock yourself in a study room somewhere and study for hours every day for the entire week. Definitely not an enjoyable time, but it can make or break your grades.

And of course, after the semester is over, you get a nice break to look forward to before you have to go do it all over again!