I thought senioritis in high school was rough until I became a college senior about to go into the real world. I'm supposed to have everything figured out, right? I mean I went through four years of tough classes and serious self-searching (and crying). What I found overall was Senioritis sneaking up on me.

1. Excitement of the final year

This is it! The final year of crying myself to sleep over a paper!

2. Trying to take easy classes to make it out alive

If the professor does not have a 2.0 or less on Rate My Professor for level of difficulty, I don't want them.

3. Does attendance count for a grade?

WWHHHYYY? I have never understood this rule my whole four years. If they don't want to come you cannot make them.

4. Skipping once won't hurt me

Once becomes twice, twice becomes 10 times, and then you forget that you even had the class.

5. Wait that is due?

Here is to doing the assignment right before turning it in.

6. I'm just trying to graduate

One semester down, just one more to go.

7. I'll just do this assignment during my other class

I can do my Biochem homework in my Immunology class and my Immunology homework in my Biochem class. IT IS FOOL PROOF.

8. Patiently waiting

It is just two more months.

9. Rejection

Oh boy, this is the period of rejection letters from grad schools, internships and even jobs!

10. Accepting that you might have gotten a degree for nothing

How long will it take for me to climb the ladder of a local fast food joint?

11. Probably should have studied for that test

I know I binge watched every season of Master Chief Junior, I just couldn't say no to their little faces!

12. Sanity > class

I thought I took easy professors! I didn't want to be stressed out.

13. Finally an acceptance letter

Look ma, I made it!

14. Oh yeah, finals

The only thing that could stop me in my path.

15. Graduating!

I did it! I survived four long years of blood, sweat, tears and lots and lots of money. I can finally enter the adult world!

All in all, graduating from college is a huge accomplishment. It is a bumpy road, but if it is what you really want, it will all be worth it in the end. Do not give up on your dreams because of one rejection letter or a single hard class. Just keep going and do not be too hard on yourself.