Spruce Up Your Fall Wardrobe with Fashion Brand DEIJI.com’s New Luxury Loafers
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Spruce Up Your Fall Wardrobe with Fashion Brand DEIJI.com’s New Luxury Loafers

Summer is coming to an end, and while kids are returning to school and the time for summer fun is over, autumn activities are right around the corner!

Spruce Up Your Fall Wardrobe with Fashion Brand DEIJI.com’s New Luxury Loafers


Summer is coming to an end, and while kids are returning to school and the time for summer fun is over, autumn activities are right around the corner! What better way is there to get ready for fall than to expand your wardrobe with the clothes and accessories you will need to thrive as the weather begins to cool down? DEIJI.com’s new shoe line is the perfect way to top off your fall fit.

DEIJI emphasizes the role of accessories in your fall wardrobe

DEIJI focuses exclusively on designing fashionable new accessories because founder Mark Schwartz understands the importance of enhancing outfits through them. "For too long, accessories have been designed merely for their utility or to complement the rest of an outfit," asserts Schwartz. "At DEIJI, we look at accessories as an essential part of fashion in and of themselves. Comfort and utility are important, but shoes and other accessories can also be critical to your fashion statement," he further expresses.

DEIJI's goal is to create high-quality, luxury accessories that anyone can wear effortlessly to match each wearer's personality in different ways. Their core philosophy is to "convey the essence of the natural beauty of our world," which is why they emphasize the versatility of their products. The team at DEIJI blends simplicity with elegance to create the best possible accessories for your wardrobe.

At New York Fashion Week, DEIJI will have a presence with an invitation-only fashion show on September 10, where they will highlight their new signature line, which is available for purchase on their website and in the Flying Solo store on West Broadway in New York City. New York Fashion Week is a pivotal moment in the growth of any fledgling fashion brand, and DEIJI is sure to make a splash there.

DEIJI’s accessories and your fall style

Summer style is all about sun, comfort, and bright colors, but fall style is more about covering up. It isn't quite hot enough to pull out the heavy winter wear, but it's the perfect time to warm up next to the fireplace. It also marks the time of year to start breaking out the fall accessories like scarves and boots to keep cozy.

One of the highlights of DEIJI’s new fall line is their new platform loafer heels, the Sophia and Aurora, designed by Schwartz himself. As the season and weather change, people will turn in their open-toed sandals and flats for something a little warmer, like DEIJI's real-leather loafers. The autumnal colors also ensure they will go perfectly with whatever coats or outerwear you choose.

The Sophia is an all-leather platform heel designed to be elegant and classy, while still comfortable to wear. Coming in black or burgundy, these loafers are the perfect fit for any fall outfit. These wonderful shoes are made in Italy and run true to size, allowing customers to know they are receiving the highest-quality luxury accessories available on the market.

Similar in style but lace-up instead of loafers, the Aurora comes in either black or beige. However, the platform of the black Aurora is a lovely cream color, creating an eye-catching contrast that ensures the shoes will be the star of any outfit you wear. The colors and style are perfect to match any outfit that you may wear, or stand out as a wonderful fashion statement on its own.

"The Sophia and Aurora platform loafers are perfect for the DEIJI woman and can be paired easily with any style," Schwartz explains. "We make our products at the same facilities as some of the most well-recognized Italian luxury brands with craftspeople of the same skill level, creating products of the same level of quality. Using the same facilities and craftspeople as the big brands allows us to stack up as a boutique brand against their established reputations."

DEIJI is set for a big fall between their participation in New York Fashion Week and the release of their new platform loafer’s line. Schwartz continues to prove himself to be one of the industry's leaders, having collaborated with some of the most respected fashion houses like Gucci, Chanel, Balenciaga, and Marc Jacobs, and receiving commissions from high-profile celebrities for custom footwear. Consumers can have their own part of this footwear excellence with the new Sophia and Aurora lines.

DEIJI’s Story

Named after the Korean and Japanese word for “daisy,” DEIJI is the brainchild of fashion designers Mark Schwartz and Riva Wilkins. DEIJI is made to last through each big idea and breakthrough and accomplish the goal in your creative process by focusing on the concept of beauty and authenticity. Inspired by Asian Pop Culture, Italian Moxy, and American Ingenuity, DEIJI represents simplicity in the devotion to your ambitions, creative endeavors, and the steps it takes to reach your next goal.

DEIJI believes in a commitment to excellence, longevity, and the creation of happiness through their products. That’s why no matter what life throws your way, DEIJI will be able to withstand it all. Whether it is a business meeting at work, a friend’s art gallery showing, or a musical festival, DEIJI will be there to help you create memories today that will last through all your tomorrows.

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