Just like any other girl who is destined to save the world more than a few times, Buffy Summers and her friends tackled the likes of college. Attending the fictional University of California Sunnydale, the Scooby gang is now learning about the modern novel.

This list contains spoilers

1. Picking classes at the last second

You're busy with other things and you don't have all that much time to pick your classes. Whether it be work, school, extracurricular actives, or potentially demon slaying, you simply cannot find the time to sit down and decide. Now every good class and convenient times are all full and you will be wait-listed. Maybe you have to wait until the next semester to take it. The opening of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" season 4 is the slayer and her best friend Willow trying to pick Buffy's classes for her semester. Don't worry, Buffy Summers understands your pain.

2. Looking at the prices of your books

College is expensive, books are expensive. When Buffy and Willow went to the bookstore at UC Sunnydale, the blonde college girl made a joke that she hoped her mom would have a funny aneurysm when she received the bill. Unfortunately, Joyce Summers did suffer in aneurysm in season 5 and sadly passed away. What's up with Joss Whedon and all the foreshadowing?

3. Meeting your crazy roommate

While Buffy's roommate Kathy Newman might have been an actual Mok'tagar Demon, our slayer knew right from the start that Kathy was a little off. She snored and smacked her lips in her sleep, clipped her toenails so that they would fly all over the room, and borrowed Buffy's clothing without asking. All signs that one's roommate is an evil demon. You can sleep soundly at night that your roommate most likely isn't going to steal your soul so their family can take you back instead. Most likely.

4. Attending your first day of classes

If you're anything like Buffy and you're a new freshman, college was completely overwhelming to you. You got lost, you were taken aback by how many people were passing out flyers, and there were so many people that you weren't used to seeing. You're surprised that professors jump right into lectures after going over the syllabus. You might even take a math exam on your first day to make sure you have the correct background information. We're in college COLLEGE.

5. Realizing you picked a not-so-friendly professor

Buffy's psychology professor turned out to be a secret agent of the Initiative, but that doesn't mean Professor Maggie Walsh wasn't hard on her students. The first class, Walsh informed the class that those who do not like refer to her as "the evil bitch monster of death." At least she knows that she's tough.

6. Embracing yourself more than you did in high school

In the first few seasons of "Buffy," Willow Rosenberg was the resident nerd of Sunnydale High. She had an unrequited crush on her male best friend and she was deeply insecure. While in her senior year, Will did find magic and a boyfriend in guitarist Oz. However, the redhead realized she was gay and began to date Tara Maclay, a fellow Wiccan. Joss Whedon also foreshadowed this when Willow saw herself as a vampire, saying "I think I'm a little gay."

7. Getting ghosted by potential hottie

Ghosting isn't just a modern thing, it happened a ton in the early 21st century as well. Recently dumped by love of her life, vampire with a soul Angel, Buffy slept with fellow student Parker Abrams and was emotionally hurt when she came to the conclusion when all he wanted was a one-night stand. Like any good slayer, Buffy handled her problem by punching Parker in the face while under the influence of a beer that gave its consumer a caveman-like drunk.

8. The middle-of-semester breakdown

Everything is due within the next week, your mental state is deteriorating, and everything physically hurts. A typical day of the slayer. Welcome to the middle of the semester!

9. Spring Break!

If you're not going somewhere tropical to sit beachside and have an exciting time, you're still getting a week off from school. Who could complain? While Buffy and the gang never went on a Spring Break, there have been a number of parties in the Buffyverse that have gone eerie.

10. Drinking too much and becoming caveman drunk

As stated in number seven, Buffy does have the mindset of a caveman after drinking a certain alcoholic beverage. Saying phrases like "fire bad" and ghosting "Parker bad," it's a little hard to defeat evil when your champion is concerned with making fire from sticks. If you go to a frat party or any party, please drink responsibly and don't become a Neanderthal.

11. Occasionally battling one or two demons

OK, maybe they are personal and metaphorical demons, but you still battled them! Picture yourself as the slayer killing an anxiety demon or a procrastination demon.

12. The dreaded time of final exams

It's like the middle of the semester multiplied by ten. It's Buffy fighting through one of the apocalypses, an accurate representation. Bloody, bruised, and beaten, Summers has defied death twice and if that doesn't describe finals week, I have no idea what does.

13. Graduation time!

If you're graduating this semester, congratulations! If not, I hope you do your best until you get that diploma. The Scoobies never did graduate college, but they graduated high school! Let's hope that there is no large snake at the ceremony that hopes of Ascending and eating the graduates.

Slay your college education.