My challenge this week was packing for two different locations with weather ranging from 40 degrees as the low all the way up to 95 degrees as the high, but I am in high hopes for the weather to increase even above that. So, if the weather God's are listening right now, I would much appreciate that. Anyways this is your ultimate packing guide! I've put a lot of thought into how you can bring a minimal amount of clothing in just a duffel and how that you can make a week plus amount of outfits from that.

Summer is rolling around the corner and it's time to pack your bag for warmer weather! It has been a cold and rainy in Kansas (at least this week) and I'm so excited to be getting away.

For summer I'm headed to Colorado and California and I'm going to give you a packing guide to fit all your essentials in a duffel. So, if you have to pack lightly here are the items I'd say are most important.

Below is my packing guide:

1. Swim suits


Its going to be warm and I would like to be laying by the pool everyday if it is possible so that is why I am packing multiple swim suits! I love to mixed and matched with each other. Plus I have practically more bottom because a few of them are reversible with a print on one side and then just black or a solid color on the other side.

2. Tops


I am bringing a few tops. The most important ones to bring though, would be a white T-shirt and a black tee. This is because they can be worn in almost every single one of my outfits. SO save space and stick to more neutrals and then just one or two bright or crazy printed tops.

3. Pants


For bottoms I am bringing just a few different washes of jeans (white, light, blue, navy, black, embroidered), some basic black leggings, I also will through in a few of my colored fun pair, and I also have a pair of flowy tan and white polka dot pants that tie in the front which will definitely have to make the packing list.

4. Outerwear


For outerwear, I am bringing a black and white pullover sweater which can be worn by themselves or I can also throw them over any of my tops of dresses if I get chilly. Both with having both a black and white one I will be prepared for all situations. Basics are a way to go, especially when trying to pack light! As well I am bringing a jean jacket and my black Lululemon vest from a few seasons ago, but it is so insulated and warm and I love traveling with it! As of now, this is all I have thought out to bring but a few more might get added in later.

5. Dresses


As for dresses, it is also like swimsuits for me. I love and want to bring them all. One of the dresses that I am bringing with me that is a free people orange-red printed sundress. It has a cap sleeve on one side and then scoops down like it would be a one-shoulder dress and then the other side has two criss-cross spaghetti straps. Then it pinches inwards at the waist and has a rope like a belt that ties and then the bottom drapes down and has two layers of ruffles that are longer to one side so it looks more dynamic, playful, and fun when you move... Although I am not going to go into all the dresses that I'm bringing in this detail. If you are cramped on space again bring the basics and then secondary bring a few fun, flirty ones — if you have room.

6. Shoes


For shoes I am bringing pair of platformed espadrille sandals that I am in love with, a pair of basic black and Metallic UGG sandals, and tennis shoes. I may through in more later but I would say that these are the two most important ones that I will be wearing throughout summer.

7. Extras!!!


I also am bringing a few activewear pieces, Like running shorts!!! these are my favorite thing to wear after sundresses just because they are so comfy to thow on, all purpose, and casual. Which also doubles as my pj's because I love sleeping in t-shirts and running shorts. I also am bringing a cute summery bag, sunglasses, and a book for the pool. Then, of course, I am bringing all the essentials: underwear, socks, bras, toothpaste, glasses, sunscreen, face soap, and the tiniest bit of makeup.

Side note I also will be traveling with my school backpack so in there, of course, is my computer, water bottle, wallet, camera and any sort of charger that I will need!

Disclaimer this packing list also is based on where I'm going and would work for similar weather locations however you may have to make tweaks. As well these are stock photos to just give you an idea of things I am bringing.

Items are subject to change. I have officially still two weeks before I need to actually have it ready.

Hope that you enjoy and that this helps packing easier. Peace out Manhattan, KS see you soon!