5 Ways To Show Appreciation For Your Friends

With Valentine's Day recently over, we've seen plenty of people receiving flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, you name it. I like the concept of Valentine's Day because I think it's great that people go out of their way to express their love for others, whether it be a significant other or friends.

On the other hand, I really do not like Valentine's Day because people think you have to do something nice for others on this particular day and that you must shower someone in material gifts. Both of these are misconceptions on multiple counts.

It doesn't need to be a holiday to let someone know that you love them or to spoil someone! You also don't have to resort to material gifts. Presents are always nice, of course, but usually the most memorable gifts are those that come straight from the heart. (Very cheesy, I know. True nonetheless.)

In fact, here are ten ideas to show your appreciation for people without breaking the bank or relying on a particular occasion:

1. Shoot a sappy text.

Or a practical "I appreciate all that you do for me" text. The content isn't so important as the fact that you bothered to take a minute out of your day and reach out to someone that matters to you. Simple but effective.

2. Write a letter.

Yes, handwritten. I can almost guarantee it will be unexpected and appreciated, especially since people rarely mail or even hand out handwritten things anymore. I challenge you to write a letter and give it to one of your friends; it's rewarding and the act of writing itself is therapeutic.

3. Buy them a small treat.

You don't need to blow a wad to buy someone something; boba or some chocolate as a sweet pick-me-up can go a lot further than you think, especially if it's an unexpected surprise. You know that saying, "it's the thought that counts"? It's a popular saying for a reason -- people appreciate the effort!

4. Pay them a compliment.

Kind words about looks are always nice, but try to think one step further and compliment someone's personality or a project they have been working on. Use empowering words, and mention how someone is hard-working rather than simply smart. Compliments are an easy way to support someone else and let them know that they are being noticed and what they're doing is worthwhile.

5. Give them a hug!

This sounds really sappy but hugs can go a long way (especially in college). Physical affection is a basic human need, so why not share the love and give your friends a sweet gesture that has been proven to relieve stress! Free hugs!!!

It's 2018 and we're working to better others but also to uplift one another.

Use this list and one-up me by thinking up your own sappy things to do for your loved ones!

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