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Carry Love In Your Pockets And Spread Hope Everywhere You Go

Just a dash of kindness is all you need to make a big impact.

Carry Love In Your Pockets And Spread Hope Everywhere You Go

I love a lot of people in this world. And I love my boyfriend for many reasons, but especially because he does one very specific and rare thing: He notices people. He doesn't look through people, he acknowledges them and makes them feel loved. When we go to the grocery store and the cashier engages in conversation or the security guard smiles at us as we leave, he'll look at me and say with a grin "That person was really sweet".

It sounds so simple, but it's now become a habit that can change my entire mood. Recognizing that someone went out of their way to chat or even just smile can make such an impact. Taking the time to realize that the security guard didn't have to smile, or the cashier didn't have to talk to us, but they did anyway, can lift spirits. One sweet gesture can brighten someone's whole face. One act of patience and understanding can make an employees day. One kind word can stick with someone for a lifetime.

The world can be so grim and people can be so cold. And for legitimate reasons. But choosing to show a little bit of kindness can go such a long way. You may think that something as simple as smiling at someone isn't even worth it. But you could be someone's only interaction with a person all day.

Maybe they had locked themselves in their room all day. Maybe they've been incredibly lonely and lost hope in people. But YOU SMILED. And showed them a little bit of hope. You showed them that not all people are cold and uncaring. You showed them that they are noticed and worth smiling at.

Maybe that cashier has had a steady long line of rude customers. Maybe their manager has been on their case for not scanning items fast enough. Their feet hurt, their feelings are hurt, and they're doing the best they can. But YOU CALLED THEM BY NAME. You took the five seconds to read the name tag to ask how "Lisa" is doing. How's her shift going and hopefully she has something to look forward to once it's over. Watch her face light up when you show patience and treat her like a human and not a machine.

Maybe that employee you're yelling at over the phone has no control over the situation. It was the company's mistake, and they are just the representative trying to help you. They are just trying to get through the day without making the situation worse or reminding themselves not to take harsh words personally. So instead of behaving the same as every other frustrated customer, you gently explain concerns and show grace. And by showing them kindness and gratitude you have shown them more encouragement for the job they are doing than they've had the entire day.

Everyone is doing their best to enjoy their life here, and it doesn't take a lot to spread hope in this dark world. Just a little bit of kindness is all you need. Some patients to calm the stressful rush. Some grace to ease the difficult days. And some love to brighten the days of everyone around you.

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