Spotify Is Better Than Apple Music. There I Said It

**some features are exclusive to Spotify Premium (it's worth it) or will take some dedicated time**

The Apple Tax

An educational video about the restraints that Apple as a company and music streaming service puts on Spotify and other streaming services.

Every Week You Get a Personally Customized Playlist

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You get some familiar artists, but for the most part, the Discover Weekly playlist is to expose you to similar artists to those that you already listen to. Within the playlist, you can either save the song to your library or tell Spotify to not play that song again or even the artist.

The Layout on Mobile and Desktop is User Friendly

As a longtime Spotify devotee, I'm always shocked people don't know about one of its best features — here's how to use it

One of the most frustrating things for me with Apple Music is how clustered the app is. I have been using Spotify for over 6 years at this point, and while that heavily impacts my opinion, there is a convenient menu and then what you've been recently listening to.

Well Curated Playlists

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From every genre, to mood, to the chart toppers, Spotify has it all. They are all organized in a streamlined fashion as well.

Spotify Connect

This feature is one of my favorites. Say you were to be playing music off your laptop and you are scrolling through Twitter across the room and don't want to get up to change the song. A typical problem, right? Well, all you would have to do is open the Spotify app on your phone and now your phone is a remote.

Made For You Tab

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In addition to the Discover Weekly playlist, there is a folder of music in "Your Library" that is music made just to your taste. There are daily playlists that are refreshed based off of your customizations. As of right now, I have 6 that cover my spread of music listening quite well. However, I would like to point out they aren't going to be perfect right off the bat because the algorithm has to read your listening trends. Give it some time!


example of personalized covers

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Not only can you upload the music you already own and play it through the app (I'm looking at you Tool), but you can also upload your own photos to be your playlists cover. The default for any playlist is to use the four different album covers that appear in the playlist, but once you upload your own photo, it makes it that much more intimate.

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