Why Sports And Politics Should Never Mix

Why Sports And Politics Should Never Mix

Sports and politics are not a good combination at all. Here's why.

In today’s world, it’s very hard to not hear about politics or sports wherever you are. Whether it’s controversy surrounding the upcoming election or Stephen Curry and the Warriors, chances are, you’ll hear about sports and politics more than you wish during the average day. And, very recently, the two have mixed.

And that’s a bad thing.

There are blatant examples, such as Colin Kaepernick’s National Anthem protests, and there are hidden instances, such as players endorsing certain candidates on social media. But whatever the topic is, the player receives criticism one way or the other.

And here’s why that happens.

Politics are a very serious issue for some people – a subject that gets people very heated at times, such as myself.

Sports, on the other hand, are supposed to be an escape from the everyday world for most people. Sure, some people (writers, gamblers, die-hard fans) are invested in the game on a different level, but even to those extends, it’s an escape from the normal life.

I consider myself a die-hard fan, and sports are a very big deal to me. That’s largely due to the fact that it’s an escape for me. For three hours, I can watch or attend a ball game and not worry about life. I also play a sport – baseball – and for the three hours when I’m on the pitcher’s mound, it’s therapeutic. Nothing else matters but the game.

Politics, on the other hand, are a serious issue – especially in the year 2017. There’s no denying it – the upcoming election will greatly impact our country’s history. To most people, it’s a subject that causes great stress and works them up.

Those people go to sports for an escape. And sports are sports, and politics are politics.

I’ve noticed that whenever an athlete voices their opinion on the election or social issues, they get destroyed for it. And that’s because people like them as athletes – not politicians – who take their minds away from politics.

And the controversy …

Athletes should realize that no matter what they say about a politician or political issue, no matter how innocently they do it, they will be heavily criticized by one side – they can’t win.

Just a few days ago, certain NFL players voiced their opinion on Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. The article, published by BleacherReport, received hundreds of comments – most of them not positive. The crux of the comments’ messages: sports and politics don’t mix well.

So, to all athletes voicing their political opinions: Yes, you have freedom of speech. But please don’t bring politics into sports.

It won’t please anybody.

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Jordy Nelson Is The True Packer That Green Bay Will Never Forget

A letter to one of the best to wear green and gold.

This past week, the Green Bay Packers released Jordy Nelson, a truly devastating day for any Packers fan. As what I would call myself, a super fan, I was quite distraught when hearing the news of Nelson's release. Because of this, I have decided that it would be best to get my sadness out through writing an open letter.

Dear Jordy,

The past 10 years have been incredible. Words can not describe how thankful the entirety of Packer nation is to have been able to share the last decade with you. Whether it was coming in clutch during plays, or that infectious smile, you were always able to make your own fans happy, and never disappointed.

When you came into the league, I figured I was around 9 years old. Though your role was not big in your first couple of years in the league, many people knew you'd be destined for some kind of big role on the Pack. As a kid on the playground in 5th grade, I saw your breakout game in Super Bowl XLV and, instantaneously, I wanted to be Jordy Nelson in many games of playground football.

As the years went on, you continued to get better, to the point where you even made yourself into the "got milk?" poster boy all across Wisconsin. Each day in middle school, I remember walking into the cafeteria, seeing a cardboard cut out of you holding milk and would get some milk of my own, just to be like you.

Eventually, you became one of the premier receivers in the NFL, and there was nothing better than watching that Rodgers-Nelson connection week in and week out. In total, we saw you guys combine for 70 touchdowns in your time with the team, while setting team records left and right.

When you tore your ACL in the 2015 season, we were all devastated. It seemed as though you were going to be primed for another big year, and instead, you were forced to watch from the sidelines. However, you did not take this time for granted. You put maximum effort and time into training the young receivers on the team in order to help the squad succeed, and they did.

Following that season, you were your old self, and it was so awesome to have you back. I remember countless "Jordy!" celebrations in my basement on your way to becoming the NFL's comeback player of the year.

Despite a low year this past season, you were still one of the unquestioned leaders on the team, and a teacher to many. Even though you ended up being released, you will forever be remembered in Green Bay.

You define what a true Packer is. You are hard working, humble, and willing to sacrifice for the team. You are unquestionably one of the greatest Packers to ever do it, and even though there was no storybook ending to your time in Green Bay, no one will ever have the same impact that you did.

Thank you for everything, White Lightning, for inspiring kids all over Packer nation, and being a true role model in everything you do. We wish you nothing but the best in your next ventures, and can't wait to see you continue to tear up the NFL.


Packer fans everywhere

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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Welcome To Cleveland, Tyrod And Jarvis!

Contain your excitement Cleveland, the Browns are winning the offseason.

With one of the most important days of the NFL offseason looming, the Cleveland Browns were already prepared to strike. It might not have come as a surprise to Browns fans that a large effort was made in acquiring Jarvis Landry from the Miami Dolphins. What was a surprise was the actual execution of the deal itself. The cost was certainly a good one. CBS Sports reported that the Browns overtook his contract for a 4th round and 7th round pick. A steal for one of the more prolific receivers in the NFL.

Oh, and the Browns weren't quite finished there, unbeknownst to them. John Dorsey received an unexpected call from the Buffalo Bills in regards to their quarterback Tyrod Taylor. In no time at all, a deal transpired to send Tyrod Taylor to Cleveland for a 3rd round pick. Highway robbery, if you ask me. But for some odd reason, many Cleveland fans are doing their best to complain about these deals. Not all or most, but some fans remain unimpressed. That's where I come in, to convince those fans that these trades only mean good things for the Cleveland Browns.

The common shot at Jarvis is his yards per catch (YPC), which aside from being absurd, is also highly exaggerated. Last season, with Jay Cutler throwing him the ball, Landry caught 112 balls (!!) with 987 yards receiving. That comes out to an average of 8.8 YPC. For some people that isn't impressive enough. Think about it this way. A first down takes ten yards to achieve. Landry is averaging 88% of that total per catch, 62% of it per TARGET, meaning that simply by throwing at Landry, you're likely to gain 6.2 yards, that coming in a down year.

Over the course of his career, Landry averages 10.1 YPC and 7.1 yards per target. Say Landry is targeted on every first down. The remainder of the Browns offense would need to only average 2.9 yards on the remaining THREE DOWNS in order to achieve 100% of all first downs. Now, I recognize this is way oversimplifying the math of football stats, but I think more people need to recognize that these numbers aren't falsified. A good coach with the proper understanding of his players should be able to maximize their usage, especially a coach who has Jarvis Landry, Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman, Duke Johnson, David Njoku, and Saquon Barkley at his disposal and Tyrod Taylor as his distributor.

Speaking of Tyrod, certain fans are either upset a third-round pick was given up or their upset because Tyrod is "too conservative" in his decision making. It is difficult to decide which claim is more laughable. Two seasons ago when Teddy Bridgewater went down with injury, the Vikings gave up a 1st and conditional 4th round pick to acquire Sam Bradford, an unimpressive near journeyman quarterback with his own checkered injury history. That's not to make Bradford seem bad, but I truly don't believe people are giving the Browns credit for the value they got out of Tyrod.

Over the past three seasons, while playing for the BILLS, Tyrod has accumulated 65 touchdowns on only 24 turnovers. That's just under 22 touchdowns and 8 turnovers per year. For comparison, Green Bay Packers and former Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer committed 31 turnovers in a single season. That means that had the Browns had Tyrod at quarterback, 23 drives would not have ended early with a short field or in our own end zone. If a third those drives ended in touchdowns, that's 56 additional points for the Browns or 4.5 more points per game, maybe even one or two wins to go along with them. So yes, maybe Tyrod is a bit more careful with the football than Browns fans may be used to, but having the ball in our home teams hands is actually a good thing.

The reality is, these two pieces will do wonders for the Cleveland Browns offense. In fact, our offense should be downright scary. The pieces are all there, especially if a running back is selected in April now that Crowell is leaving in free agency for New York. Now, the Browns just need a coach who can utilize all those pieces into a coherent offense. For some coaches, it may be difficult to balance so many weapons but if there's one thing, Todd Haley, Browns Offensive Coordinator, is used to doing it's balancing weapons. He learned that from his time in Pittsburgh while managing Ben, Brown, Bell, and Bryant. As for the rest of the NFL, consider yourselves on notice. The Browns are coming for a handful of wins next season.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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