'Spoiled' Won't Go On My Resumé, But My Healthy GPA Will, Thanks

To the girl who thinks I'm going to put "spoiled" on my resumé,

I have news for you: I do have a job.

I work over winter break and during the summer, because I go to school an hour away from home. I've tried looking for an on campus job and constantly have my ear out for a job downtown.

The thing is, when I pitched the idea of finding an on campus job or a job downtown, my parents said no, because they want me to focus on my grades and extracurriculars.

Don't tell me that I cannot be stressed just because I don't work while in school.

We're all in college, we're ALL stressed. We all have other things going on in our lives other than school. Some of us have stuff going on with our families.

I write for Odyssey, I'm in a service fraternity, I'm on the speech and debate team, and I plan on going into a PhD program straight from my undergrad (which is very hard to do, by the way). Since I plan on going to grad school, my grades are more important than working, and my parents know that and support that. This isn't high school; grad schools aren't looking for shitty grades and 100 extracurriculars.

They're looking for GRADES this time.

I appreciate that my parents want to pay for my things. I'm lucky to have them. I don't ask them to pay for anything; they WANT to pay for things. They help me pay for school right now, but paying back my loans will be my responsibility. I have to pay for whatever I buy at Walmart, my fraternity's dues, meals when I go to speech and debate tournaments, and little things like when my friends and I do something off campus.

My parents help out with the big things, but don't pay for every little thing.

"Spoiled" won't go on my resumé; Odyssey, Alpha Phi Omega, working at McDonald's, being a member of the speech and debate team, working extremely hard toward going into a PhD program straight from a bachelor's degree, and having good grades will.

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