Spoiled or blessed?
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Spoiled or blessed?

To those who constantly call me spoiled, here is my input on it...

Spoiled or blessed?

Lately on social media there has been a huge trend about being "Daddy and Mommy sponsored" and I'd like to say that I am "Mommy and Daddy Sponsored", as I am well taken care of.

Since I was 12 I've been babysitting trying to earn my own money, and once I turned 16 I went job looking and have been working ever since. Currently I have two jobs and I still babysit. Yes, my parents pay for a lot of my things, the necessities. My parents have always said they will be there for me, emotionally and financially as long as I am in school. There are terms and conditions for me to get rewarded which includes doing well in school and getting my college degree. My parents push me to be the best academically and by paying for my necessities it takes a huge weight off of my shoulder.

I've put work before my social life since high school. I would rather babysit and make $60-$80 than hangout with my friends just because I wanted my hair done that week, my friends wanted to go to Kentucky Kingdom, or because I knew I needed gas. Most of us are trying to strike a balance between what we want and what we can have, that is not "spoiled." We are messy individuals with needs and wants.

Nobody on Earth can ever love you more than your parents.

I might legally be an adult, but my parents still provide for me. They do all of these things because they want what is best for me. My parents have always put my siblings and I before themselves and I can't wait till the day until I can repay them.

I have offered to pay for my car insurance, my phone bill, etc but my father has always said, "no." At age 19, I am thankful I don't have to pay for my cell phone bill or my car insurance, like some people my age have to do, but I do pay for my own medical insurance, my college education, etc. I knew I had to enlist after high school to get the Minuteman Scholarship which would pay for my entire college education, I did it. If you knew me years ago, you never would have thought pink and sparkly, no bugs come near me Chloe would be in the Army. Here I am, a year later, now in ROTC on the path to becoming an Officer. Funny how life changes...

I am spoiled with the benefits of having a great family.

My siblings and I never got handouts, we worked for our money around the house, we'd clean the cars, the backyard, the front yard, mop and vacuum. I dreaded waking up on Saturday mornings to clean the cars, but all my parents were doing was instilling us with a hard work ethic (which came in handy for me during basic training (; haha)

When my all-star cheerleading team made it to the Summit at Disney World, our whole family traveled from Hawaii to Florida without hesitation to turn it into a family trip. My high school cheerleading team had $300 uniforms for that season, I got one. The next season, new uniforms, $300 again... I got one. My siblings and I wanted a new phone? We got it, when our contract was up and they could afford it. And the list goes on...

I pay for my own luxuries; makeup, clothes, hair, etc. In the dictionary spoiled means "damaged by having been given everything they want," "ruined beyond redemption." Do I want another dog? yes. Do I have one? no. Do I want air pods? yes. Do I have any? No. My parents taught me to work for what I want, but yet have everything I need.

I don't get it when others talk down on me and my family and say I am "spoiled" or for the reason that I am an "Officers kid."

My parents have sacrificed so much for my family and we have been very blessed. I will NEVER feel sorry for being provided for and I will do the exact same thing my parents did for us to my future children. I had and still have an amazing life

I am not sorry that I am well-supported by my parents. I truly believe there is nothing wrong with it. I am so thankful I never had to worry about when my next meal was or if the rent and water bill was paid. I never saw anything wrong with being given nice things. My parents taught us to dress nice, to be overdressed rather than under dress and I abide by that saying. Our house is yes, enormous, and every time someone comes over they are just in shock and constantly say, "Wow your parents are rich," or "must be nice." How am I suppose to feel when those comments are made? Yes, we have a enormous house because my parents have worked their butts off to get us here.

I am a very independent and smart young woman. Just because I never went without doesn't mean I am spoiled. I am blessed with a dad who works up to 60 hour work weeks.My parents are honest members of society, and my father serves this country with great pride. Although, my sister and I are at that point where we are grown, their jobs as parents never stop.

I could understand why society could view me as a spoiled brat, but my actions do not coincide with that. I am not spoiled, I am blessed.

Happy Fathers day, Dad.

Shout out to my parents, the dynamic duo, I love you both. #ROWSEYSRULE

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