What To Do When Feeling Spiritually Stuck

What To Do When Feeling Spiritually Stuck

We can get out of this mess!


My friend asked me to write this article a month ago, and I have intentionally delayed in doing so. Why?

Because I'm also spiritually stuck, and I didn't want to admit it to myself. But I need a better relationship with God (and my friend deserves some solid advice), so here are my ideas on how to fix it.

The first thing I want to say is it is really hard to be spiritually stuck, but it seems even harder to get out of it.

When I say "Spiritually Stuck", I'm talking about the times when it's just really hard to pray, believe, and grow in faith and relationship with our Lord because of X, Y, Z and all those other things you're thinking of this very second. The good news is, you can get out of this funk! Lots of people experience this, so let's get you (and me) back on track.

My first piece of advice is to figure out why you're spiritually stuck.

Figure out how the heck you got to this point. This will help you avoid those same mistakes in the future and identify where you need healing and help from God.

Some reasons why I'm feeling spiritually stuck is because I don't want to talk to God about feelings I'm ashamed of, I find other activities than praying more fun, and (here's the sad truth), I know that prayer will show me I need to change my habits. Although I don't want to be in this relationship rut with God, I also don't want to change. It's funny how we choose to be miserable instead of just giving in to His infinite love again. (I'm not proud of this last reason, but I'm sharing it because I'm sure you've felt this at some point, too. It's okay, you're not alone.)

My second piece of advice is just to talk to God about it.

That's right, talk to Him. Spend at least 10 minutes just opening up to God about you and everything going on in your life right now. Make it a monologue, write a poem, do it through silent meditation, pray a chaplet, draw a picture of angry cartoon faces colored in red, I DO NOT CARE as long as you are honest and communicating with God.

I suggest 10 minutes to start it off but go as long as you need.

My third piece of advice is to ask God to spend some time in silence with you.

Before God created the heavens and the earth, when it was just the God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, their first language was the language of silence. Our world is super noisy, which is problematic because God's prompting voice is usually soft, quiet, and still. You know, God only spoke out loud three times to identify Jesus was His son during Jesus' 33 years on earth? Did you know that Moses didn't identify God's voice in the earthquake or the fire, but in the still small voice that came after those powerful forces of nature?

Ask God to spend at least 5 minutes of silence with you. Time yourself if you need to.

My fourth piece of advice is to ask God to give you more faith.

Ask God to give you faith to believe these words in James 4:8

Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.

Ask God to give you faith to love Him above all things, because it is written in Exodus 20:3

You shall have no other gods before me.

And ask God to give you faith to love yourself in the way St. Francis de Sales suggests

Have patience with all things, but first of all with yourself.

Jesus was tempted in every way that we were, so he understands the plight of being human. It's hard. But he continuously asks you to draw near to God, the loving and merciful Father.

Remember the Prodigal Son story? Shepherd who searches for the one lost sheep? The messages about forgiveness and repentance? They were all about God's LIMITLESS LOVE for us sinners.

But God proves His love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
- Romans 5:8

(P.S. not only did Christ die, but he was betrayed by friends, questioned for hours, tortured for hours, was verbally abused by his enemies and died painfully from asphyxiation on that cross).

When you have done these things, REPEAT it each day until you feel strong enough in your relationship with God to try something more advanced.

In addition to the things above, you can also do the following:

Read the Bible, ask your friends to pray for you!, pray a rosary, read a good Christian book (I like Bob Goff or Matthew Kelly, personally), go to mass, listen to a song about love and try to link the words to God's love for humanity, watch a documentary about a saint, fast from something you love and glorify God through that hardship, forgive someone who hurt you, start a devotional, talk to someone who is struggling, go to a dinner date with God, learn about consolation and desolation, etc.

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When God Says, “Not Right Now.”

“God give me faith to wait and not manipulate. To trust You fully, no matter how my circumstances may appear." — Lynn Cowell


One of the most frustrating yet beautiful things is when God tells us “no" or “not right now."

At the time, you may have agony or desperation for this one thing to work out in your life, but it slips away from you. You may ask God why. Why does He want you to be unhappy? Why does He want to take away your dreams?

At the time, you cannot see how much God truly is working in your life, but He is. In my life, every time that I was disappointed that a plan or dream didn't work out, I was devastated. I didn't want to be in a position where I was challenged and tested. I wanted all the blessings to flow and to fulfill what I thought was my plan in life. But that's exactly what it was: my plan.

I did not see at the time that that is not what God intended for me and that He actually had far greater plans than I did for myself. He needed to mold me into who I am supposed to be today. Along the way I have met the most amazing people that have had a huge impact on my life, have gone through the most amazing experiences with God, and I wouldn't trade going through all the trials because it has truly made me into the woman I am today.

“What God does in us while we wait is as important as what we are waiting for." – John Ortberg

God is continually, endlessly, working in our lives.

We may not see it, but He is. We may blame God for all the things that are going wrong in our lives, but we never see that in the end, we were supposed to go through the low valleys to get to the high, amazing, and beautiful mountains in our lives.

I truly believe that it's when you're at the bottom of the darkest pit in your life that you can actually see the light of God shining brightly upon you. During these times, pray to Him to lead you to understanding that this is all a part of His plan for you.

It hurts God to see that His child is suffering, but in order to carve out just the person that you are supposed to be, you must go through challenges. Where you are today is no accident. God is using the challenge you are in to shape you and prepare you for the place He wants you tomorrow. When it comes to God's plan, timing is absolutely everything.

Looking back on all the events that I had to endure before getting to where I am now, I know that I had to go through the trials in order to be just who I am today, which is happier than I have ever been because I know God and His plan for me. Waiting is the most difficult job of hope, but you must remain faithful and know that God is guiding you.

“When I wait, you strengthen my heart." Psalm 27:14

When you are waiting for God's righteous plan, don't lose faith in His goodness. He only wants the best for you, and in the end, you will look back and see just how much He truly was working in your life. Be patient and the blessings will flow.

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Christianity Is About Love And Forgiveness, I'm Sorry If You've Met Christians Who Act Differently

Christianity is rooted in love, but unfortunately not all "Christians" live that way.


If you've ever been hurt by a "Christian", I'm sorry. If you've ever felt condemned, I'm sorry. If you've ever felt looked down upon, I'm sorry.

That's not Christianity, and we're not all that way. Christians are called to follow Christ, and Jesus Christ loved people. All people. Granted, we are only flesh and our flesh is not perfect, a true follower of Christ would never intentionally hurt another human being. I know that there are people who claim the same faith that I do that that are leaving scars behind in the wake of their actions and words and it deeply saddens me.

As Christians, we are called to love - no matter what color, race, gender, or sexual orientation - we are called to love people as Christ loves us. Unfortunately, in the media, we see stories of people being condemned by "Christians" for their beliefs or lifestyle choices. We are not called to condemn; it is not our place. In fact, John 3:17 explains that God sent His son Jesus into the world not to condemn the world, but to save it through Him. If Jesus wasn't sent here to condemn the world, it is not our job as followers of Christ to do so either. Being a Christian makes us no better than anyone else on this earth. We are just as broken as the next person, the only difference is we've accepted a savior.

I saw a meme on facebook essentially talking about how some of the rudest customers that come into restaurants are the ones who come in on Sunday after church. I began to read the comments because I was genuinely curious about how others felt about this topic and my heart began to break.

Words like "fake" and "stuck up" were thrown around and I'm afraid they're not wrong. There are people who go to church on Sunday and walk out of those four walls only to leave their intentions of living like Christ inside. That's not how it's supposed to be, and unfortunately, those are the people who leave a bitter taste in people's mouths in regards to the church. I'm here to say, on behalf of those of us truly trying to follow Christ, that we're not all that way, and we love you just as you are.

To those who have a misconstrued image of Christianity because of a "Christian" who treated you wrong, I would like to apologize on their behalf. I simply want you to know that you are loved deeply, not only by us but by the creator of the world.

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