How to Spend the End of Your Winter Break
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Student Life

How to Spend the End of Your Winter Break

Winter break is truly a blessing

How to Spend the End of Your Winter Break

Most student are gearing up to go back to college soon. With classes starting in a matter of weeks, it seems like winter break happened in a blink of an eye. But instead of clinging on to the fact that break is almost most over, we should be thinking of how we should spend our last few days at home. Whether a commuter or a resident, going back to classes is something that is always resented. But I say let's spend these last few moments staying positive and in turn setting a positive mindset for the coming semester.

Whether you have spent break working or relaxing, hopefully it has provided a less stressful environment that what classes bring. It is important to use this time to de-stress from last semester and prepare yourself for the new one. To do this, simply set aside time for yourself. While it is important to spend break with your friends and family, alone time is just as beneficial. Whether it's watching a movie, reading a book, or simply just self reflection, set time to yourself. During the semester it can be hard to have alone time when your aren't studying or worrying about classes.

After figuring out your alone time, then it is time to focus on friends and family. Sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up in a semester and forget all about your home life. But then when you finally come back home suddenly you realize that you can actually spend time with the people back at home. Whether you have a huge friend group or just a really close family member, try to not take your time together for granted. Take break as a way to refuel yourself by feeding off the happiness of your friendships and family.

Finally, during winter break you need to set goals for the upcoming semester. I posted an article of how to do this in the beginning of last semester. I can honestly say that setting the goals I did helped me immensely last semester. I was able to keep track of what I needed to do, all while trying to get out more. I'm going to do the same this semester and I would advise you to do the same. It may seem cliche, and very high school, but sometimes overused trends actually work.

All in all winter break is truly a blessing. I don't know how I only accepted a week back in high school. Now I have a month to take a deep breath, and enjoy a somewhat stress free environment. We are a give a winter break for a reason so use it wisely. With it coming to a close, remember that you can use this time to make your next semester the best one yet.

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