How to Speed Up your Slow Laptop

How to Speed Up your Slow Laptop

Slow Laptop ?

If you find your Windows Laptop getting slower and coming to a grinding halt, it could indicate certain issues with your device. Windows PCs and laptops normally do not go slow quite suddenly. If your device does it, there must be a reason.

How to speed up your Windows Laptop?

Well, the solution depends on the exact cause of your laptop slowing down. We will offer the solutions by analyzing the possible root causes. Do note that these remedies have been taken in liaison with Dell Service Center in Gurugram. I assure you of their authenticity.

#1. Reboot your System

The easiest way to sort out any issue with your laptops would be to reboot your system. Though you may feel it to be strange, it does solve most of the problems that your laptop may be suffering from.

Rebooting helps your device to purge off the issues that may be plaguing it. Do note that this can help your laptop to get back to normalcy if it facing only a few temporary issues.

#2. Check out the Heavy apps

Some resource hungry applications can make your laptop go slow. It could be possible that some applications may be using up the resources. You may not be able to blame it on the application alone. There can be temporary problems that may have caused it to have a memory leak or any other such issue.

To check it out, launch your Task Manager. You can do it with key combinations like CTRL+Shift+Esc. The exact combination will depend on your operating system version. You can sort the applications based on Memory, Disk or CPU usage. If you find an app using unusual memory, close it by using End Task option here.

#3. Manage Startup Programs

Maybe there are some start up programs that you may not need at all. Letting them run in the background can have performance effects of your laptop. Disabling the startup programs that you may not need is the best way to save memory and CPU usage and thereby address the slow performance.

#4. Get rid of Animations

Fancy animations can give you a good appearance and aesthetics. But, they tend to slow down your PC considerably. You can choose to disable animations altogether or decide to turn them off for a few specific operations or programs. You can do so through Advanced System Settings.

#5. Improvise your web browser

You may be using several plugins and extensions for your browser. Though they tend to enhance the usability and functionality of your browser, these plugins also cause your browser to slow down. Moreover, added extensions and plugins can make your browser consume more memory.Do check your browser extensions and plugins periodically. Remove the add-ons that you may not need, or have not used for a long time.

#6. Check Adware and Malware

Malicious software can cause your laptop to slow down. We are not referring to virus attack, but only to a nonintrusive malware that may be attempting to track your browsing data and serve more ads based on your usage patterns. Such tools and spyware can cause your laptop to go slow as they tend to work in the background. Always use a good quality Anti-virus and Anti-malware software. Malware bytes are a good service provider that should help you fight malware.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, those are some of the options you can use to handle the issue of a slowed down laptop. There can be a host of reasons that can slow your laptop down. As such, it may not be that easy to pin point the specific reasons and suggest ways to get it back to normal. However, we have made an attempt at covering a wider possibility and offered suggestions that should help you make your laptop work as it used to do.

You can also follow a few other steps like defragmenting the drive, freeing up the disk space using disk clean-up and removing the applications that you no longer. If you are still facing an issue, get in touch with Laptop Repair home Service to get your issues addressed.

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How Should We Feel About Losing Net Neutrality?

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As I type this, I find it disturbing that one day the freedom to express myself online will be cut short by the most recent discussion on Net Neutrality. I have slowly been exposed to the situation as the weeks go by. Why is nobody talking about the very thing that could end a way we connect with others and access information?

For those of you who are unfamiliar, you are not alone. I was too until I encountered a random article on Facebook that suggested that we “Stand up for Net Neutrality.” So what is Net Neutrality and why could this be taken away?

Net Neutrality allows you, the consumer, to gain access to internet services and to all the content the internet provides. While we browse the web we do not think twice about what website we are trying to access.

Without Net Neutrality we face the reality of allowing large companies to control what content you’re exposed to. What we may view on the internet may be carved the way THEY want us to see it. Smaller companies may be swallowed whole if there becomes an imbalance of power between companies.

On December 14th the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) will choose to keep or remove regulations that blocked larger companies from closing off certain sites. By treating small or large companies equally with regulations, there runs the risk of companies abusing the system. Companies can make certain that their consumers will not gain access to their rival company. This runs a risk of creating a monopoly and as consumers, we will not benefit from the removal of Net Neutrality.

I’m feeling slightly betrayed and conflicted here. As if we don't have enough on our plate involving otherworldly matters.

As I continue to look into this subject I have found articles that claim that “Concerns about Net Neutrality are overblown” which brings another perspective on why we shouldn't be anxious about this whole ordeal. I find that both arguments bring valid points which brings me to admit that I am honestly not sure what to believe.

As we continue to guard our internet rights until December 14th, I will try to keep myself as updated about this situation as possible. Getting myself into these discussions, finding people who think differently than me, and digging deep into how others interpret the bill would be the best way to expand my knowledge on this subject.

Will this dramatically change the internet? It has already brought awareness and fear to those who want to keep the internet free. Now that this situation is spreading, there are multiple rallies being set up in the United States to protect the Net Neutrality. Starting December 7th protests will start forming outside of Verizon retail stores near you.

Will Congress hear the concerns of the people? Or are we misinterpreting what is really going on? Take this moment to voice your concerns to others or contact your congressmen. When facing a scenario that takes away your rights, you should never be afraid to stand up and voice your disapproval.

Cover Image Credit: unsplash

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