Need For Speed At The Lehigh Valley Grand Prix
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Need For Speed At The Lehigh Valley Grand Prix

Go-kart racing for first timers

Need For Speed At The Lehigh Valley Grand Prix

It seems that people today are always in some type of rush whether it’s to finish work, get to an appointment, or even make a trip to the store and back. For those antsy individuals with a need for speed, I’d like to introduce the world of racing. The Lehigh Valley Grand Prix specializes in satisfying the urge to zoom past an opponent and come out victorious. Their small go-karts pack a punch, and through these vehicles people get to finally experience what it feels like to live like Mario Andretti for some time.

Blood starts pumping and the hairs on the back of peoples’ necks stand up in excitement for what’s to come. Of course first timers are expected to sit through a short clip before entering the pit so they can become familiar with the safety procedures. After the video, racers check out helmets that are snug enough to prevent trauma from any possible crashes. It is not to be taken lightly because collisions happen frequently for those not in control. As people anticipate the race, the room starts getting warmer and the air suddenly gets thinner with each breath.

It’s as if a buzzer sounds off inside the brain to say, “you’re fate awaits you” once the pit door opens. In the track cool air slaps people to wake them up and prepare for the joyride of a lifetime. It may only be eight minutes in total, but that feels like a three hour NASCAR race. The engines roared as the last few people finished their race before another group slides into the go-karts.

At the Leigh Valley Grand Prix, safety is a top priority and so the race officials reiterate the flags and cautions previously watched in the safety video. Green means go, red means stop, yellow encourages a slower speed, and blue tells people to let faster drivers pass. It’s important to remember this is not bumper cars and purposely colliding with other racers will lead to the immediate end of that person’s race.

While sitting in the go-kart strapped in, many people experience a sudden urge of nervousness and their adrenaline kicks in. Drivers rev the engines and prepare to speed off into the labyrinth called a racetrack in front of them. With the right aerodynamics, these low to the ground go-karts feel like going 0-60 in a matter of seconds. The hardest part might just be cutting the wheel and keeping control so the vehicle doesn’t spin out or hit the tire barriers against the walls. Some turns are sharp, others are wide, but in the end it’s all about the need for speed and coming in first.

The Lehigh Valley Grand Prix encourages people to bring their friends and race against one another. They also host birthday parties and know how to keep the fun going, race after race. Go-karting is an activity for people of all ages to enjoy. These feisty vehicles can add excitement into anyone’s dull day, especially because it is a great introduction to an adrenaline boost for first timers.

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