She is more than her disability!

She is more than her disability!

My relationship with my special needs sister.


She is more than her disability! I truly don't remember a time before my sister was born. I was four and from what my mom has told me I was excited to have a little sister. Now looking back I probably was grateful that it wasn't a boy. I already had a older brother, who is much older than me, and was always picking on me. This story isn't really about him though. I didn't know that my sister was going to have down syndrome before she was born and I would never change the fact that she does because it's what makes her, her. She was born early November of 2003 and I remember having christmas at the ronald mcdonald house that year.

She is more than her disability!The early years of her life were difficult for her, and my parents. A lot of the super early stuff is hard for me to remember, for the fact that I was a kid myself. I never looked at my sister and thought less of her because of her downs. I used to tell all of my friends that she was cooler than us because she had an extra chromosome, and that was something that we couldn't have.

She is more than her disability! When I was a kid, and I would see people treat my sister differently than me and it always would upset me. Even some of my family would treat her better than me, and I didn't think that was fair. Now as a young adult I know that it isn't fair, and it still upsets me that it happened. I feel like I can't say this enough, she is much more than her disability! I really don't even like calling it a disability, because she can do anything she truly wants to. I won't ever really know what my life would have been like if my sister didn't have special needs, and I honestly I would never want to. My sister is one of my best friends, I love spending time with her and sharing small secrets. As a kid it was difficult to see my sister getting treated differently than me and I would feel like i am not enough for those people that did treat her better.

She is more than her disability! My parents tried their best to treat us the same, or as close to it as possible, and I truly thank them for it. Of course I am four years older than her so stuff that she would get away with I probably got away with at that age. My mom worked really hard to make me feel important and I would like to let her know that she did. My sister and I would bicker like any "normal" sibling relationship does, and it's a lot of me picking on her and her tattling to mom. When I look back on it, I deserve getting yelled at or getting grounded, even when she made it out to be more than it was. I say "normal" because I don't think her having down syndrome has changed the way our relationship has been.

She is more than her disability! She is smart, kind, independant, and funny! Since I have moved to college, I have missed her so much and it's been hard to be so far away for so long. Anytime that I have a bad day, or really just need a laugh, I call her and just listen to her talk about her day. My favorite story is when they didn't have chicken sandwich at school "I just had a horrible day", all because she had to eat chicken nuggets for lunch. Everytime I call her I hang up with a smile, she tells the funniest stories and will say "boo" trying to scare me. Of course I play along and scream or jump, and she would giggle and then continue with whatever story she was telling.

Again, she is more than her disability, she is so much more. I know I keep repeating that but I don't know how many times I have to say it before everyone understands it. It's not just people with down syndrome that I have experience with. Any person with a learning disability, they are more than just their disability. All of the people that I have worked with, are so much more than what you would think they would be.

She is more than her disability! She can be one of the most stubborn people you have meet, and five minutes earlier she would be the most loving person you've meet. My sister is my best friend and I wouldn't change that for the world!!

I know that I really only talk about how amazing my life has been with a special needs sibling, and trust me there was some bad, but our relationship is way more than the bad. Our relationship is mostly about how she is so loving and caring, not about all the times she was treated better than me. My childhood was difficult at some points but it was really better because of my sister.

She is more than her disability!

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