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We Should All Speak Against Racism

In light of the shock over recent hateful activity, this is a fervent call to stand together.

We Should All Speak Against Racism

From the four corners of the world today rings a cry from the people. Cries all from the depths of the human soul calling out for a change to the immense problems we face today. I do not intend to compare who has it worse, but I must address this- there is a lot of suffering in the world today. We need to embrace each other as humanity and try to solve the crises facing the world today. Whether it is totalitarianism, intense political polarization, or climate change the world faces many threats that we need to stand together against.

One of the biggest problems that has been in the news today in the United States is racism/polarization. These seeds of hatred have been growing and led to a terrible tragedy. The spirit of fear encroaches into the hearts of many as they separate the world into "us verses them" categories. As the actual suffering and oppression of the people becomes a mere joke or a political talking point because it isn't effecting those talking.

In a cry of indignation I bury my face in my hands as I hear news about the racial attacks and violence in the United States, political crises in many other countries. I am a citizen of the world, of humanity- when one country suffers with hatred and tyranny we all are effected. In this case many people are hurting, and the world grieves over the hate that is increasing with every day.

Now this isn't to say hate is a new thing, as we all know intense hatred and political polarization existed in many times and places- Ancient Rome, Revolutionary France, Colonial South America, 1850s USA. Just because hatred is normal does not mean we should accept this. How can we look around at the suffering around us and say "oh, they deserve it" Should we turn a blind eye to the cries of the oppressed because "things have always been this way."

Hatred of any time is dangerous and will lead to greater problems for us all. There is nothing different between the races except DNA. Alas my gentle readers, in the course of humanity does it really matter that I have blond hair and you may have black hair? Racism is taught by society, no child is born with hatred in their souls. All of us as humanity are born with blank slates in our hearts. We are prone to explore and learn about other cultures. It is healthy for young children's hearts to leap with joy and curiosity when they hear dramatic tales from far off countries.

Alas, the shadow of racism hangs over the history of every nation in the world. These myths are promoted by either parents, teachers or people being groomed on the internet. Racism is dangerous because not only does it create needless hate among people who are perfectly equal in every way and created in the image of God. Racism also will lead to terrible circumstances as we witnessed this weekend.

My dear citizen, we must stand against racism whenever we can. It may not always be as obvious as walking down the street and spotting a racist rally. Sometimes racism comes in the form of a joke, or a comment such as "Ah! those Latin Americans can never govern a country" or "those (insert any country here) are all lazy!" We must let people realize these jokes are hurtful and sew seeds of hate and resentment. Do you have friends from another race or religion? Embrace them! Stand by them and let them know they are your friends and you will speak up for their rights. Do you see a stranger on the street being harassed because of their race?

Do as the old Jewish saying does "Do justly, love mercy and walk humbly." We must all come together as society and speak against racism whenever we see it. Teachers and parents- go encourage the young to grow in their curiosity about other cultures. Students- seek out classmates who are different than you and talk to them. Citizens of the world- share and spread knowledge, to all depths of your life live out an example of love and liberty. Through the perfect lens of liberty the foundation of democracy remains strong. Hatred and division is the enemy of liberty. Liberty is embracing all of humanity and speaking true of others. Liberty is the right to live, practice your religion as you see fit and speak as you see fit as long as you are not denying somebody else's liberty to do the same. Racism has no stance under true liberty, knowledge and education does. Racism is license as it is an usurpation of liberty that only seeks to harm others. When you embrace humanity, there true liberty is found.

I shall close this by sharing some wise words of the past

"The time is right to do what is right" - Martin Luther King Jr.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." - Martin Luther King Jr.

""Liberty is not genuine unless it aims to honor humanity and improve its lot. Anything else is sheer illusion, and, I fear, a dangerous illusion." - Simón Bolívar

Take courage my dear readers and hold the truth in your heart!

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