13 Thoughts You Almost Always Think When You're Spacing Out

I'm not ashamed to say that I space out a lot. There are situations where spacing out is the only logical thing to do, like when my parents are having a really long conversation about football. Or when there's nothing good on TV and I'm too lazy to change the channel.

Anyhow, here are fifteen of the things I end up thinking about when I'm awake but dead to the world:

1. My Cat. 

I wonder what she's up to, and how she's doing. Is she awake and moving around or in my room sleeping? I think about the cute picture of her I took yesterday, the one where her eyes are partially closed and she looks content. If she were a human, she would have a squeaky voice. She needs more toys. I should buy her more toys.

2. Work. 

God, I have so much to do. There are a million unfinished projects, for starters, and I have no idea which one to work on first. Other people also want me to do things. Chores. Menial tasks. I'll do this on Wednesday and that on Friday, but I also have to do this in Friday so I should do the one thing first. Do I have any time for myself? Evenings, I think. Maybe Thursday afternoon, if I'm lucky.

3. My Next Meal. 

Man, I'm hungry. What am I having later? I think mom is making pot roast. I love pot roast so much. The meat is gonna be so tender and delicious, and then I can mix some in with the mashed potatoes to make it even more delicious. How many more hours? Ugh, what am I going to do with that kind of time?

4. A Funny Video. 

"Road work ahead? Uh, yeah, I sure hope it does."
"Road work ahead? Uh, yeah, I sure hope it does."
"Road work ahead? Uh, yeah, I sure hope it does."

5. Scary Things. 

There used to be giant sharks in the ocean. What if those existed today? What if they exist at the bottom of the sea? What if they're secretly intelligent and plotting to take over the world?? Then how am I supposed to know what happens in Avengers four?

6. What I Just Forgot. 

...Wait, what was I just thinking? I was going to do something. What was it? Okay, first I was thinking about my cat, then I thought about birds, then dinosaurs, then sharks... and then nothing. I swear I was going to do something. Was I gonna look something up? About sharks???

7. Sleeping. 

When I get home I am going to lie down in bed so hard. I hope my bed misses me as much as I miss it.

8. How Boring The Situation Is. 

Okay, mhm, sports. I can listen. I can totally listen. I don't care about this at all, but I'll nod along, and oh God why can't we be talking about candy making videos on YouTube. I would have so much to say. If I pull out my phone, would they notice? Maybe I'll just try...

9. What I'm Going To Do Once I'm Home. 

The new season of "The Good Place" isn't gonna binge itself.

10. Some TV Show. 

I really like "Criminal Minds." I like how they focus on murder and crime solving but also give the characters depth, too. Like Reid. Poor Reid has too much to deal with. I hope they give him some nice things next season. I wish they would bring back some of the old cast, too. So many people have left, but I guess that's what happens on long-running TV shows. And another thing...

11. A New Idea I'm Pondering. 

I wonder... I wonder what would happen if I mixed Sprite and iced tea. It would be disgusting, right? Yeah, disgusting. I shouldn't mix them. Gross. But like, what would it taste like? Carbonated iced tea? What would the lemon-lime flavor do? I'm not gonna try it, but it might be interesting. Awful, but interesting. I mean, I have both of those things right now. No one would care. It'd be for the good of science. How do I really know if I never try? I'll just pour them in a glass together, and... Ugh. Yep. Gross. But that was just the first sip. Surely the second couldn't be so bad-

12. Fears and Insecurities. 

What if I'm covered in dust mites right now? What if I'm not because they don't think I'm good real estate?

13. Absolutely Nothing. 


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