Are you from or will you be traveling through Southington, Connecticut? You'll definitely want to make time (and room in your stomach) for a meal from these restaurants.

Here are eight restaurants you need to try next time you're in Southington:

1. Flair, on Main Street

Colossal Shrimp Parmesan served with house-made Pappardelle Pasta


When I went to Flair a few weeks ago I got Hector's Mac and Cheese. Other than it being mac and cheese, it has lobster and shrimp, applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes and asparagus, and roasted jalapeño puree. It was one of the most delicious things I have had in a while. If I knew how to recreate it myself I would but they add a nice touch to the meal that cannot be replicated. The service was very nice, with Hector himself coming out to greet us and ask about our meals. Overall the inside is beautiful with an even better outside patio that faces the green. I highly recommend checking Flair out.

2. J Timothy's Taverne, in Plainville

Buffalo Wings

J Timothy's Taverne

This restaurant isn't in Southington but it is only five minutes away. If you go to J Timothy's you need to get a bucket of Sweet Red Chili Wings. They remind me of the spicy sweet chili Doritos. They have a crunch on the outside along with the sweet/ savory sauce coating the outside as well. Of course, I recommend getting a side of blue cheese to dip them in which will help subside the spiciness.

3. Sushi House, on Meriden Waterbury Turnpike

Sushi Rolls and Sashimi

Sushi House

Sushi House by far has the best sushi in Southington (don't @ me). My top three roles are the Godzilla, Mt. Fuji, and Volcano rolls. They also have exceptional hibachi noodles. I know most people use the "all you can eat" menu but I usually get one or two rolls and become full. Lastly, they have dangerously good Miso soup that always leaves me craving more.

4. Fratelli's Italian Restaurant, on Meriden Waterbury Turnpike

Chicken Fratelli

Fratelli's Italian Restaraunt

Above is my brother's favorite dish at Fratelli's. It is a piece of crispy chicken with one of their signature sauces on top. The flavors are very delicious and go well with a nice bowl of pasta. Fratelli's is small and gives off a nice, home-cooked Italian restaurant vibe. Overall, they have some of the best dishes I know of and can't wait to go back for more.

5. Noble Japanese Steak House, on Queen Street

Sushi Rolls

Noble's Japanese Steak House

The atmosphere at Noble tops a lot of other hibachi restaurants I have been too. You can either dine with a server or have the food made right in front of you. Either way, the servers, and chefs alike give great service and great food. I have had their hibachi many times, and every time I leave very full and very happy.

6. Zingerella, on West Main Street

Zingerella Pizza


Zingerella has very good Italian food and with that an array of amazing pizzas, which are my favorite. Whether it's the buffalo chicken or the shrimp scampi they serve pizza that never dissapoints. They have a dining section and bar section which creates a wonderful atmosphere. On a warm summer day, it's nice to sit and relax on their back patio.

7. Sliders Bar and Grill, on South-Main Street

Buffalo Wings


Sliders is a great place to go when you want some classic, great wings. Each time I go I get one of my two favorite wings, either the original buffalo wings or the buffalo blue cheese wings. They have great appetizers, like my sisters favorite, Mac n' Cheese Wedges. All in all, they have some great American style foods that will leave you feeling pleasantly full.

8. The Fire Place, on Center Street

Potato Pizza

The Fire Place

The Fireplace has a warm feeling due to their brick oven they make their fresh pizzas and bread in. I have so many favorite items, like the focaccia bread, potato pizza, and Caesar salad. All specialty pizzas are good, from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Honey Barbecue, they are both equally delicious. They have a fun atmosphere with light music and a divide between the dining section and the bar.