Popular Southern Phrases You Say

8 Phrases that stick with you if you are from the south living up north

Living in the north has made me realize there's certain things I still say like a southerner.

Caroline Domingue

Living in Maryland and Pennsylvania for almost 6 years, I learned that I say a couple different words and phrases differently. While a lot of these phrases and words I don't say now, I used to say all of these phrases when I first moved up north. The strange looks and asking where I'm from has made me stop saying some of them as much but I'm still a Southerner at heart.

1. Y'all


This is a common one but a true sign you are from the south. Instead of saying "you guys" or "you two", I'd say y'all.

2. Buggies


Many may call this a cart but my first instinct is to call this a buggie. I now say both cart and buggie but I still get the weird looks when I say buggie.

3. Bless your heart


This was a common phrase people would say right before you said something mean about someone. Being from the south people wanted to start bad news off with something positive like this phrase.

4. Fuss


I still use this word till today and I use it interchangeably with screaming or lecturing. I feel that it perfectly describes the gif above when someone is trying to fuss at me.

5. Coke


Instead of saying do you want a soda or pop, I used to say Coke. Even if it wasn't a coke product, I'd still say it which could be confusing at times.

6. Crawfish


This is a popular food group in Louisiana and I never realized that people pronounce it differently. I didn't realize people say crayfish instead of crawfish until I was talking about it in a biology class. Even spell check doesn't recognize crawfish which is crazy to think that everyone from Louisiana does.

7. Awe sha


This one is specific to Louisiana, instead of saying look how cute or awe that's cute. Me and many others would say "awe sha" this comes from the Cajun and French influence that is in Louisiana. Some people would also use it as a turn of endearment instead of saying honey or sweetheart.

8. Booksack


While most people say bookbag or backpack, I always said booksack. I didn't realize it was everyone around me in the south that said it too until I got really strange looks when I called it my booksack.

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