12 Signs You Grew Up In The South
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12 Signs You Grew Up In The South

Y'all cannot deny these clear tells that you were born in raised down in the country.

12 Signs You Grew Up In The South

Sweet tea is actually how you stay hydrated

Iced Tea Cheers GIF by NASCAR on NBCGiphy

The first recipe that closely resembled the sweet “iced tea” we know and love today wasn't printed until 1879. A cookbook titled, “Housekeeping in Old Virginia” shared the original recipe by Marion Cabell Tyree. Although it used green tea, this was the first recorded recipe to flavor the drink with sugar and lemon. Thank you for your service, Marion.

"Y'all" is the only way you know how to address two or more people

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Vocab lesson: "Ya'll" is singular. "All y'all" is plural. And "y'all's" is plural possessive. Try to keep up.

Friday night high school football or you got kicked out of town

Friday Night Lights Football GIF by Butler CheerGiphy

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." If you don't know where that's from then... bless your heart.

If you weren't hanging out at the gas station parking lot on Saturday, then what were you doing?

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Drunken memories were made, babies were probably conceived and Cheeto Puffs were bought on Saturday nights at the Market on 5th Street gas station. They also sold the most incredible turkey sandwich that I still dream about.

And Sunday's were for the home cooked, southern soul food

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Listen, a southerner's Holy Trinity is: Butter, bacon and Paula Dean.

Your "late to class excuse" was you got stuck behind a tractor or you were the one driving it

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I shit you not, this happened to me way too many times. One time it was an ex-boyfriend of mine driving it -- no wonder we always had to take my car.

Square dancing was part of gym curriculum

Country Music Old Town Road GIF by Lil Nas XGiphy

Y'all laugh but this was a boot scootin boogie hell of a time for us.

Those humid summers made you feel like you were drowning

recap sweating GIFGiphy

Humidity is air wishing it was water and if you have curly hair, your best bet at that point is to audition for the Lion King.

Wearing camo was actually just apart of your daily wardrobe

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Camo and Timberlands: A Guide to a Redneck Lifestyle.

You're fully aware what 'bless your heart' really means

oh my god omg GIF by CBCGiphy

This is the most savage insult in the country, but it's the nicest way you'll ever be called an idiot.

You've seen some pretty out there things and nothing phases you anymore

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Remember how on Saturday nights, babies were conceived in gas station parking lots? Well, you get a little older and you run into them and their gas station baby at the bar.

You quite often get asked, "Where are you from?"

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Tracy Bird said it best: "Everybody knows everybody
Everybody calls you friend
You don't need an invitation
Oh, kick off your shoes, come on in
Yeah, we know how to work and we know how to play
We're from the country and we like it that way"

Now I reckon you want a proper southern goodbye? How long do you have cause we have the, 'about to leave' warning. Then, the "We've gotta go," statement followed by some hugs. Walking to the driveway but having another conversation in the driveway, with some final hugs. Talking while everyone is loading up the car, then finally pulling out the driveway with the window down waving and yellin, "Watch out for those deer!"

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