Our beloved university has celebrated homecoming each year since 1925. Southern Miss hosts a wide variety of unique events to celebrate homecoming and welcome new and old pals. Alumni, students, family and friends all join together to socialize, give back and have fun is so many different way, which makes Southern Miss the place to be for homecoming.

Homecoming starts way before the game 

Steve Rouse on behalf of Southern Miss Now

Southern Miss celebrates homecoming all week long, baby. We start our events on Monday, and the fun doesn't stop until Saturday night, or Sunday morning if you're really into it.

Sweet potato drop

Photo by Kelly Dunn

Have you ever heard of a sweet potato drop before Southern Miss? This unique event brings together our Southern Miss community by bagging thousands of sweet potatoes to deliver to food pantries around the community.

Student involvement

Southern Miss SGA

The student involvement during homecoming is out of this world. From organizing elections to volunteering at events, there are so many ways for students to get involved. Many organizations partner together to decorate floats, compete in competitions and make homecoming the best is can be.

Fountain sit

Southern Miss SGA

I know for a fact nearly every student at USM wants to jump in the fountain. If you're not brave enough to do so after hours when UPD isn't around, sign up for the fountain sit! You'll compete with other students to win prizes!

Step show


Homecoming is the perfect time to watch a step show put on by the National Panhellenic Council chapters. Each chapter competes for the gold with their electric performances. If you've never seen a step show, homecoming is the perfect time. There's nothing like the performances from Southern Miss students.

Parties, parties and more parties

The Prom Knights

Fraternities up and down the row compete with each other for the attention of party goers during homecoming. Luckily for us, this means they throw the biggest and best parties of the semester.


Southern Miss Now

The homecoming parade at Southern Miss starts game day off with a bang. The floats are made by organizations on campus. Our school spirit is through the roof already, but seeing Golden Eagles come together to show it off is an amazing sight.

Friday Night at the fountain

USM Photo Services

The Southern Miss Activities Council hosts Friday Night at the Fountain as a pep rally before Saturday's game. SMAC is sure to host a great event no matter the occasion, but Friday Night at the Fountain is one of the most memorable and well known around campus because of the exciting activities it has in store.

The best tailgating of the season

University Communications

We may not compare to Ole Miss when it comes to tailgating, but homecoming is the best time to tailgate at Southern Miss. Everyone and their mamas show up and bring all the food and drinks you can imagine. Homecoming is one of the most special days of the year for some alum, so everyone is in a caring and sharing mood.

Game day at the Rock

Southern Miss Now

Nothing beats game days at the Rock, especially during homecoming. Southern Miss Athletics pulls out all the bells and whistles for our alum, which makes for the best game of the year, even if we lose.