South Fulton sees a shift in Municipal Criminal Justice System

South Fulton sees a shift in Municipal Criminal Justice System

"The Municipal Court is the first of its kind, and is here to change the status quo of the judicial system."


Welcome to South Fulton's Municipal Court

In recent news, South Fulton is the first of its kind in regards to the Justice System of America. South Fulton is the first city in the nation to have a criminal justice system led entirely by black women. With more than 95,000 residents of the South Fulton area, the justice system will set the precedent for more diversity amongst court rooms throughout the country.

Tiffany Carter Sellers, who is the Chief Judge of South Fulton's criminal justice system stated on CNN, "Everything came together organically" in regards of forming the criminal justice system. The women are dedicated to helping make better changes to the area through educating the current residents about the laws and regulations. Judge Sellers along with her colleagues are determined to eliminating the current stigmas for people of color facing the judicial system. Creating a true sense of justice is the primary focus, and this is evident through South Fulton's municipal court establishing a pretrial diversion program "Second Chance South Fulton" to give defendants resources such as counseling to help defendants stay out of trouble.

Another reason that Judge Sellers believes South Fulton's criminal justice system will help better relations between the city's residents and police authority. According to CNN, the municipal court exclaimed that being women and of color gives them a natural sense of being a nurturer, and each woman in the municipal court care deeply about helping the city's residents reach their goals in life.

Under Georgia's state law, defendant's first appearance in court does not require the defendant to have an attorney present, but under South Fulton's municipal court, a defendant will be provided a public defender for their first court hearing.

With swift changes happening, I hope South Fulton will lead the charge of inspiration for the younger generations to witness people like them in positions of power. It is extremely important amongst the communities of color to aspire beyond and have the same opportunities as everyone in America to shine.

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