As we near the year 2017, our methods of listening to music have drastically changed. In fact, we don't just listen to music these days, we can create it, upload it, "like" it, "save" it, and even create our own playlists. And the most popular apps that allows us millennia's to do this are SoundCloud and Spotify (sorry iTunes).

Lets be honest, who pays $1.29 per song on iTunes anymore, when you can download Spotify or Soundcloud for free and listen to all the music your heart could desire. And if your'e really serious about your music you can pay $4.99/month (the student discount) for Spotify Premium which gives you no ads, ability to listen offline, and play any song. Nevertheless, Spotify's competition, SoundCloud is also free, but you can upgrade to SoundCloud Go for ($9.99/month) for ad-free listening and ability to listen offline. So lets get to it...who's the best? (according to your average music-loving college student)

As someone who uses both apps, I find myself using each for a different purpose. I love Spotify for making playlists and listening to new releases. However, SoundCloud is great for finding those hidden gems, whether it be certain remixes or singles that haven't releases anywhere else or even music a friend made themselves. Therefore, I think both apps have their purposes, but if I had to choose just one and only would have to be Spotify. The app is not only addicting (as I find myself making playlists for every aspect of my life whether it be "Sleep," "Workout," or "Homework"), has an unparalleled music library, but also is just easier to use and navigate.

Yet, at the risk of flip-flopping, use both apps for a flawless music offering that will complete any party, gym session, library visit, or 20-minute snooze.