The Mystery of Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Kindred Spirits.
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The Mystery of Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Kindred Spirits.

In this life, they say there are three specific kinds of connections that go beyond the Earthly realm. Have you met one of the above? Read more to find out.

The Mystery of Soul Mates, Twin Flames, and Kindred Spirits.

This is a response to "A Letter To Myself: Relationships Are Full-Time Employment, Are You Up For the Job?"

We are all chasing deep and authentic connections with people. I think it is one of the soul purposes if not the soul purpose of why we are here on Earth. We all want to feel loved and understood as we go through the mystery of life. But did you know there are three types of soul connections that go beyond the casual human relationship? These are the ever so mystical connections that are soul mates, twin flames, and kindred spirits. Below we will dive into the three so you can discover if you have met someone you share this magical connection with.

Soul Mates

This is the connection that people hear of the most often. People will say, "I think I have met my soulmate because he truly understands me like no other!" Soul mate connections can be platonic or romantic. Many people believe there is only one soul mate connection but there can be more than one in your lifetime that you come across. When you think you have found your one and only soul mate connection, think again, there might be someone else that shares this soul connection with you. The difference between the twin flame and other connections is that this bond ties two people together. It comes naturally with this person and you are surprised at how easy you get along. Many people end up marrying this person or being tied to them forever. Other signs that people feel when they have met their soul mate is the person feels like home, balanced out by other, respected and challenged, and truly connected beyond this life. Whether the relationship is platonic or romantic, this connection will make you feel abundantly loved and cherished.

Twin Flames

A twin flame is not the same as a soul mate for many reasons. A twin flame is a soul that was split from one person to be in two people. Aka, this person is a replica in a way to you. This is one of the strongest connections you can have because your soul is said to be within someone else. When we see ourselves this strong in someone else, it is almost scary, because you don't always see the rainbows and butterflies. You see the insecurities and struggles within that other person that mirrors you. You are faced head on with the problems you deal with internally in someone else. The good news is that these are the kind of people that can help you overcome your problems within yourself to further enlighten your self-awareness in life. The key here is this relationship is that it is all about growth and a sense of someone being an extension of you.

Kindred Spirits

Unlike the soul mate and twin flame connections, this connection is where your soul really just vibrates with someone else and you instantly click. These are the people you just get and are pulled to without rhyme or reason. A lot of these relationships are platonic and remain that way for your lifetime. They can be with your mother, a teacher, a close friend, or really anyone for that matter. These people want to genuinely lift you up and encourage you to be better in everything you do in life. They are your support system, lifeline, and the ones that you can go to at the end of the day because they will not judge. You are connected through similar values and interests. They are energetically tied to you and overall pretty much on the same wave length. When you find these people in your life, don't let them go!

Life is wild. Life is short. With all the people that we meet in our lifetime, it really is a miracle how two people can cross paths and never think to realize they have just met someone who will change their life. All it takes is a simple interaction at a coffee shop, an airport, or who knows, even a bathroom line to spark up conversation. You never know who you might meet that will be one of the connections listed above. For now, keep living that beautiful life of yours and continue to build deep connections that last. It is the root of true happiness in my opinion.

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