Advice For A Positive Sorority Recruitment Time At Villanova

Advice For A Positive Sorority Recruitment Experience At Villanova

Be authentically you and radiate confidence!


Going into sorority recruitment at Villanova this past semester, I was nervous. I didn't know what to expect and the only reference points I had were the experiences of my friends who had rushed at other schools earlier in the year. I was originally not sure if sorority life was right for me, but as I went through the process I knew I had made the right decision. After the initial nerves and fear of the unknown, I realized that all the process entailed was talking to a bunch of new people. As long as you can hold a conversation and be yourself you will definitely be fine!

My advice to anyone who is rushing would be to keep an open mind and be confident and secure in yourself. Going into rush with preconceived notions of sororities can limit your experience and steer you from somewhere you might love. It is important not to compare yourself to others and understand that everyone is on their own path. It can be easy to get caught up in stereotypes or friend's opinions, but at the end of the day, there is a place for everyone.

It can be easy to get caught up in the stress of recruitment, I know I did, but try to focus on yourself. Although it sounds cliche, there really is a place for everyone. Be authentically you and radiate confidence!

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A Prayer For My Sister

Prayers for every one of my sisters, no DNA test needed.

I firmly believe in the power of prayer. I also love my sorority sisters as if they were my own blood. These are the 25 (so far) prayers that I pray over my sisters. So many of these prayers deal with love, but isn’t that what Christ is all about. We are called first to love as Jesus loved. To forgive as Jesus forgave, and to pray as Jesus prayed. For my sisters, I love you!

1. For my sister who is always kind, I pray you never lose your generous spirit.

2. For my sister who always laughs, I pray your smile never fades.

3. For my sister who lies behind my back, I forgive you and pray for your future.

4. For my sister who cannot control her anger, I pray you one day experience the love of God. Once you experience God’s love, grace, and mercy it is truly difficult to remain angry.

5. For my sister who lives in fear, I pray in the name of Jesus Christ that fear leaves you and a holy peace takes its place.

6. For my sister that I don’t always agree with, I pray for understanding, on both our parts.

7. For my sister who lacks drive, I pray God’s guidance over you. May He help you discern your path.

8. For my sister I don’t know very well, I pray for new friendship.

9. For my sister who is indecisive, I pray for discernment.

10. For my sister who seeks Christ diligently, I pray you continue to seek him all the days of your life.You are an inspiration to me.

11. For my sister who stays classy, I pray God’s grace over you.

12. For my sister who worries, again I pray for peace. I pray for God’s direction for your life. I pray that you will be at peace with who you are, and I pray God’s love over you. For you are loved.

13. For my sister who doubts herself, I pray for confidence. You can do it!

14. For my sister who keeps on giving, thank you for everything. I pray for emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical support.

15. For my sister who encourages me, I pray God’s blessings over you.

16. For my sister who works hard and never plays, I pray for laughter, spontaneity and fun. I pray that wherever your life leads you that you do not forget about your friends. I pray you don’t wake up lonely.

17. For my sister who is never angry, I pray for a patient spirit like yours.

18. For my sister who does not believe, I pray you one day will.

19. For my sister who cries herself to sleep at night, I pray for God’s love. Oh how he loves you, no matter what you have ever done, he will always love you. I pray you will lean on your friends for support. I pray.

20. For my sister who curses my name, I forgive you and pray that your heart finds healing.

21. For my sister who never ceases to make me laugh, I pray you never lose that sense of humor.

22. For my sister who has a past, don’t worry, we all do. So I pray you see God’s love and that you always lean on him.

23. For my sister struggling with uncertainty, I pray for comfort in the Lords timing.

24. For my sister who feels unwanted and worthless. You are like a precious stone in the eyes of God. You are always wanted and never worthless. I pray you experience God’s unfailing, perfect love.

25. For my sister in need of healing, whether it be emotional, spiritual or physical, I pray for healing.

Cover Image Credit: Anna Leigh Tucker

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Real Greek Sisterhood Is Nothing Like What You See In The Movies

My year has been filled with genuine people and exciting things.


This year, I was lucky enough to run home to Kappa Alpha Theta on bid day, with 130 other girls in my same boat. That day was a blur — throwing on our colors, meeting our 300+ other sisters, and getting on a bus to go to Bham for a retreat — yet it still feels like yesterday. Well, yesterday was eight months ago, and so much has happened since that little, clueless freshman ran to the steps of Bryant Denny. I've gotten to experience what sisterhood in a sorority is and it's impacted my life for the better.

No, it's not like the fake sorority sisterhoods in the movies. It's nothing like that at all. It's real friendships that are going to last more than just the four years were in college. It's genuine people and long fun nights and people there to pick you up when you've fallen down. In fact, one phrase that my friends and I use sums up what our friendships here are like.

What is sisterhood to me? Sisterhood is…

Long, music-filled car rides to unknown locations. Easter Sunday, my friends and I came up with the random idea of making a fun video, so we drove around until we found this beautifully set train track, and cold "not-mountain-runoff" creek.

Lauren and I on the railroad tracks we found on EasterCourtesy of Elizabeth Gainey

Getting ready for swaps and date parties. Always in 508, the "party dorm," the best dorm. Picking out outfits, dancing to fun music, and just getting to be with my friends is always a fun time.

My friends and I getting ready for Theta's formalCourtesy of Elizabeth Gainey

A friend to bring you to DCH, and then the Health Center when I finally convinced her it was NOT an emergency. Random stomach pain isn't the best, but my friends who make me see a doctor and are willing to sit with me in a waiting room are.

Girls weekends. Have you ever been a tourist in your own city? I was when I brought a group of my friends down to NOLA for Mardi Gras. And, due to some canceled events, we got to stay a little bit longer for a weekend that we didn't want to end.

My group of friends in front of the Tulane Theta house during our Mardi Gras trip.Courtesy of Elizabeth Gainey

Impromptu day trips to other colleges. Sydney, Haven, and I decided last minute we wanted to go to the Ole Miss game. We didn't have tickets and we weren't even packed. We got there at 3 p.m., ended up at the game somehow, and, after a long series of events and nowhere to stay, drove back to TTown at 2 a.m.

Having a shoulder to cry on when everything just seems to be going wrong. They're there for you at your best and worst.

Studying with you until 2 in the morning for that engineering exam that you just have to pass. While my friends are all in different majors, sometimes it's nice to just have someone there for you to make sure you're on top of your game.

Sisterhood is.


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