When most people hear sorority life, they think of skinny blondes that are rich and typically kind of dumb. But I hate to tell you that for my chapter, that's NOT the case at all. We are all smart women, who have dreams, desires, and want to be the best women that we can be. But the best thing about sorority life is our philanthropy.

This was one of the things that pulled me into the sorority I chose. Kappa Delta's philanthropy is Prevent Child Abuse America and The Girl Scouts of America. This is very important because no child should be harmed by the hands of anyone! They should laugh, play, smile, and not worry about what their adult life should be.

Each year Kappa Delta hosts an event called Shamrock. This is the biggest event that we do to raise money for our philanthropy. The really cool thing about our philanthropy is that my chapter gets to see our funds being used. 80% of our money goes to the local Children's Advocacy Center. This is amazing to see because we are truly seeing all our work go to something so great. The other 20% is sent back to Prevent Child Abuse America which is still amazing.

This year the Delta Delta chapter of Kappa Delta raised $52,395.

This is so incredible because my little chapter raised more money than a lot of big schools have. This is what makes sorority life so worth it. Seeing $41,916.04 go towards our local CAC and $10,478.96 go towards Prevent Child Abuse America is worth all of the shame and hateful comments that some people give about being a part of Greek life. I can't even describe how wonderful this is. This is worth all the hard work and sleepless nights for all of us!

This just shows how we all work towards something that is bigger than us. That these children deserve better than what they are getting right now.